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Creating Fretboard Chords for Ukulele in Notion

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Certain software programs offer certain benefits over others.  While I would describe myself as a “Finale First” person when it comes to digital notation, different programs do things differently, and some are better at some things than others.

As I prepare literature for my students to learn this fall, I wanted to make ukulele lead sheets that included the fretboards in-line with the music, not just letter names and a diagram at the top or bottom of the page.  I also want to avoid repeat symbols as much as possible.  When I play with my local ukulele group, repeats and multiple endings cause more trouble than they are worth.

So what is the easiest method to make those in-line fretboard chord charts for ukulele?  I think it is the computer version (Mac/Windows) version of Notion.  Notion itself (at least in this version) doesn’t offer ukulele chords as a stock feature, but if you create a ukulele staff, you can create a fretboard for any chord (with whatever fingering you desire) using the fretboard tool.  After you make a chord, it is available to use again in the “recent” area.

This is better demonstrated with a video, so here is a video of my creating a chord chart for “Amazing Grace” in the Key of G.

Additionally, here is a link to the PDF that was created in this video.

Amazing Grace Key of G

Background Information: The software demonstrated in the video was Notion 5 on Mac OS, and I believe it looks and acts the same on Windows PCs.  The video was screen recorded on my MacBook using the Quicktime Player (screen recording is built-in; additionally, you can also record an iPad or iPhone this way if it is connected via the lightning cable).  Audio was recorded using my new used Blue Snowball Mic (I am still learning the settings).  I was playing my new Sapele KoAloha Opio Tenor Ukulele (purchased at and I was playing without a ukulele strap (I shouldn’t do that any more!).  The video was edited using iMovie and uploaded to YouTube.



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