Yet another arrangement…

The next addition to the public domain vocal/ukulele library is Nina which is attributed to Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, yet scholars are pretty sure he did not write the song.

Nina tells the story about a loved one who has not been out of bed for three days.  It is wonderful that it switches between the relative major and minor keys, in this case Em and G.

The only part that doesn’t exist in this arrangement is the wonderful chromatic (and collapsing) progression that would normally be in measure 6.  A chordal analysis shows one of two options…either a static minor triad with passing tones (moving in contrary motion) or V7, D7, Fm, D7.  I couldn’t get the chordal sequence to work out, and I couldn’t get a collapsing chromatic sequence to work out on the ukulele,  so I just went with an Am in that entire measure.  It works, it sounds good, and I figure if a high school student were playing and singing this arrangement, it would be easier.

I also did not include any vocal embellishments in this edition (or my others).  I imagine that if you are looking up the Italian Art Songs, you will listen to recordings and add those yourself.

All that is to say that while I can produce a vocal/ukulele edition of an art song in a couple of hours, some theory and analysis are involved, along with choice making.

I leave things up to you as to how you want to strum or pluck each of these arrangements.

Again, if you have suggestions for improvements to scores or suggestions for additional versions, e-mail me!


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