Chordette for Education Ukulele Fonts Now Available!

For the past couple of months, I have been corresponding with John Baxter, who created the Chordette Ukulele Font.

I was looking for a ukulele font that would do two things:

  1. Show finger position
  2. Perhaps use the KIDS Ukulele String colors

John was open to making such a product for education, and we have been interacting about the font ever since.  He also added an excellent 3D Font, which should help some beginning players who struggle visualizing a standard chord diagram.

There are two font sets available: colored fonts and black and white.  For now, Chordette for Education is only for Mac, with Windows coming soon.   Windows is only in Black and White, as it does not yet allow for color fonts.

For some reason, Keynote and iMovie do not like the color fonts, and while they appear in layout, they disappear in presentation.  This is NOT Chordette’s problem…it is an Apple issue.  That said, the colored chords DO work with Pages, and export to a PDF in color as you would expect.    I do not know if the “disappearing” font is an issue with the current version of Mac OS and Keynote or iMovie, as I have an outdated 2008 MacBook that can no longer run the latest version of these programs.

I am using these fonts on my iPad, particularly with my new movie creation app called Luma Fusion.  While the colored chords disappear in iMovie, they appear in Luma Fusion.  However, to use the fonts, you will need to use an app like Any Font to install the font set on your iPad or iPhone.

Also, the fonts do not necessarily appear by name on Mac or iOS…they can show up as chord symbols or even be blank!  As another hint, to better see font options, go to the font menu in the tool bar, instead of using the attributes box of Pages.

As a reminder, if you want to use Chordette and home and at school, you should purchase copies for home and school (if they are owned by different people or organizations), just like any app.

Regular Chordette is also available, and sells separately.

I bought copies of Chordette AND Chordette for Education…I am not receiving any “kickback” for my recommendation of these fonts.

To see what I have been doing with Chordette for Education and Luma Fusion, check out my ukulele YouTube channel:

Want (regular) Chordette?

Want Chordette for Education?





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