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Former Ukuleles: Pono RTSH (C) PC

I bought my Pono in 2016 from a ukulele company that was going out of business.  The owners were a married couple, and the husband was very sick, so they decided to sell their business.  They decided to sell of their remaining ukuleles at slightly higher than cost…and I did the foolish thing and asked about what they had.  The owner suggested a Tenor Pono, which was new but not the newest model, with pretty much all of Pono’s bells and whistles: slotted Head, cedar top, rosewood back and sides, abalone rosette radius fretboard, and low action.  It also came with an awesome O’ahu case.

I should back up and mention that Pono is the overseas production of Ko’olau, one of the major “K” Hawaiian brands.  Pono is built to their standards but not on Hawaii, so when you buy a Pono, you are truly buying one of the best instruments available.

I loved everything about the instrument, but when I reached for an instrument, I was reaching for my KoAloha Opio Tenor or my Outdoor Ukulele.  When I needed to record, I grabbed my Lanikai UkeSB.  So while I loved the instrument, I wasn’t playing it as much as I should—for my most expensive ukulele.  I played it…and used it in choir concerts. While it was a beautiful sound, it wasn’t as loud as my KoAloha, and volume is a nice thing when playing with a choir.

In September, a member of the Ukulele Underground Forums listed a KoAloha Opio Concert—a size that I enjoy playing a lot—for sale at a great price.  For a like new ukulele from a reputable source (eBay is not necessarily so), I decided to buy it—and didn’t want to finance the purchase.  It made sense to list the Pono and pay for the Opio (and have some money to spend).  So I did.  It was sold to a ukulele player in Maine…and made the trip safely.  I know that player will enjoy the ukulele, and I hope that I won’t regret selling it…but I know that I will naturally play the Opio Concert more than I would play the Pono.

I list the pictures that I took before the sale…just out of interest and as a way to remember the ukulele.  This is only the second ukulele I have parted with…the other was  a Córdoba 15CM that went to a family member in Georgia.  I would be well served to part with a few more of my ukulele (all in good time).

Happy trails to my Pono!  It was a great ukulele and it will continue to make someone else happy!



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