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What do you give a ukulele player for Christmas?

I thought it would be good to write about what I was given this Christmas in terms of my ukulele playing.  I keep an Amazon list of things I want to buy eventually—and it turns out that is a public list.  My parents decided that I didn’t have enough on my family’s Christmas Wish List, so they started to order some things from that list, too.  The links are Amazon referral links.

So…here is what I received this year…


  • Martin M600 Ukulele Strings for Soprano/Concert Ukuleles.  These are my favorite strings, along with the M620 Martin Strings for Tenor Ukuleles.  There is a new type of string from Aquila that is coming soon (sugar strings) and I look forward to trying them, but the Martins feel good, sound nice, are available everywhere, and are usually inexpensive.
  • Ukulele Ornament.  What ukulele player doesn’t need one of these?
  • The Classical Ukulele. John King was a master of the ukulele and known for his Classical Approach.  Great book.
  • Duets for One.  James Hill is one of the world’s leading players and ukulele pedagogues (see his Ukulele Way as well).
  • Classical Hits for Ukulele.  I’m a classical musician turned ukulele player.  Enough said.
  • Jake Shimabukuro Teaches Ukulele Lessons.  I saw Jake in person just over a year ago.  I’m curious about his teaching style and how he would introduce ukulele to others.
  • Ukulele Basics.  I am a music teacher, and I am always curious as to how other teachers teach new concepts to their students.

Not pictured:

1F43DA42-891E-475E-8B6E-D8C909A8D887On Stage QK2B Microphone Clip Quick Release: I use an iPad to read all of my music.  This quick release will allow me to detach my iPad holder from the stand very quickly for transport.

BE7A2906-1CDF-46BA-ACB2-F63C13A080D6Ortega Guitars OMUH-BK Ukulele Clamp Holder for Mic, Guitar & Music Stands, Also Works with Other Small Folk Instruments, Black  This clamp can attach to my iPad stand and allow me to put down my ukulele in a secure way without damaging the stand.  I love this.

The next step will be to send the books in for digitization (1 Dollar Scan) so that I can use them on my iPad Pro.

I hope you and your your family had a Merry Christmas—and if you don’t celebrate Christmas—a very happy holiday!



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