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Videos: The Year In Review

I just looked through my YouTube channel, and it has been a busy year.  I attempted my first two lyric based play along videos shortly after meeting Dr. A at the Maryland Music Educators Association Conference.

While I had other videos throughout the year, my main focus was to add to the library of songs that could be used as play alongs for schools and ukulele groups.  Here is the monthly totals:

  • February: 2
  • April: 2
  • May: 2
  • June: 43 (34 With KeyNote/iMovie before switching to LumaFusion on my iPad Pro)
  • July: 49 (!)
  • August: 28
  • October: 8
  • November: 25
  • December: 17

Total Play Alongs in 2017? 176

That is pretty amazing considering the slow process of the first 50 videos (KeyNote & iMovie) and that it is at least an hour of time to make one video.

The purchase of my iPad Pro and the creation of LumaFusion really impacted my ability to make these videos, as I was able to download audio/video via iCabMobile, transpose songs (as needed) using TwistedWave, use the Chordette for Education font through AnyFont (a shout out to Robby Burns for teaching me about AnyFont), and of course, bring it all together using LumaFusion.  Early on, I abandoned using the existing lyric video from another YouTube video, deciding to create my own lyrics (very easy to do in LumaFusion).

So a huge round of thanks to the creators of LumaFusion, and also many thanks to John Baxter, who was willing to create the Chordette for Education font, in both traditional and KIDS colored versions!

Remember that the rights to these songs remain with the copyright holders.  YouTube has agreements with many rights holders to let you use their music, as long as ad revenue and tracking information go back to the rights holder.  This is brilliant, and the way it should be.  I only have three videos that I cannot publish at this time: “Too Good at Goodbyes,” and “Sing” from “Sing.”  (Oddly, Kevin Way, another creator of videos was able to publish “Sing.”  I honestly have no idea what is going on there).  Havana was blocked for a while, but that was changed. When something is under copyright, we are notified via e-mail that we can use the song, but that revenue and tracking data are being followed.  If the rights holder makes income off the videos—perfect.  Hopefully, you love the songs and are buying them or listening to them on subscribed services (Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon Music, Spotify).

Remember that there is a huge index of the songs (over 350) by a number of video creators…you can find those Google Sheets by clicking on the “Video Play Along” page.

if you would like to see the first play along video to see how much things have changed and stayed the same, see the following videos.  The first video used an existing lyric, and then a couple of pass through of iMovie, along with the non-education version of Chordette.  The current videos are all one-pass created in LumaFusion.

And my last video from 2017:

I have recorded a number of other videos, and moved some older videos to my ukuleletenor channel, as they fit better there than with my techinmusiced materials.

Are you interested in joining us in making videos?  See my previous post on the matter, and see Dr. Reese´s materials from a NYSSMA presentation and video (Dr. Reese is the creator of the “genre”) and my video!

As a final note, if you have made it this far…if you are a songwriter who would like me to create a play along video for your song, contact me.  I think play alongs are a great way for artists to connect to their audience.  I could do so for a very fair price—so reach out.  And if you have an existing song that you would like to have made into a play along, let me know as well.  I cannt promise anything…but you can always ask!

Happy New Year!

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