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DR Multi-Color Strings and Aquila KIDS Strings

Last Wednesday, I found DR Multi-Color Strings at our local music store (see the previous post).  I installed those on a ukulele in our classroom on Thursday, and have been letting students use that ukulele.  Today I did a sound comparison.  They sound very much alike.

The Aquila KIDS may be a bit louder with more sustain, and the DR Multi-Color Strings may be a bit brighter.  It is worth mentioning that the Aquila KIDS are about a year old, played a bit between January through March, occasionally from September through December and March through May.  They are not played at all in August through September.  All that is to say that new Aquila KIDS may be a bit more resonant—but we’ll be playing strings until they are no longer resonant or they break.

There is come color variation, but both feature Green (G), Red (C), Yellow (E), and Blue (A). The Aquila strings are very much like their Super Nylgut, and generally have fared well in the classroom. The DR Multi-Color strings are made of nylon (according to the packaging), and I have heard that pure nylon strings wear differently than Super Nylgut or Fluorocarbon strings. DR is new to the ukulele business (they are also offering a flurocarbon ukulele string). The DR strings are for Soprano/Concert, whereas Aquila says you can use the KIDS on Soprano/Concert/Tenor (we do).

Aquila will sell packs of 20 at a very discounted rate to schools…contact the company directly at their website. I do not know if DR will sell in bulk. The Aquila KIDS single packs sell for much more—but the price includes a donation of a set of strings (sort of like Tom’s) to an organization like Ukulele Kids Club.

We’re happy with the Aquila KIDS strings, but it is always nice to see additional options for buyers.


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