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“Old” Play Along Videos

As I work through the “old” play along videos by some other educators, I am starting to find the need to redo some of the videos that were not mine.  We have all grown through the process and I jumped in at a time that others had worked out most of the problems.

The issues at hand are often the legibility of the lyrics, mixed chord graphics, incorrectly timed chord changes, and most importantly, a lack of “next chord” which makes a HUGE difference as you play along.  If you don’t know the next chord, the first chord of the next sequence is a challenge.

I noticed the lack of a “next chord” on one of my ukulele Skill Drill videos today.

I hope that the fellow creators will not take exception to my re-working of materials (as I will also rework my own as needed)…but as it stands, I need to fix some things to make the videos most effective in my classroom.

Also…if you have any requests for videos, please e-mail!  Sometimes copyright is an issue…but many rights holders are allowing use as long as they claim revenue.


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