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Ukulele Bingo (Ukego)


This Friday, we have a mandatory PBIS celebration day where students are going to listen to a guest speaker and then the rest of the day is a shortened schedule set aside for relationship building—no school work allowed.  As a “encore” teacher on an A/B schedule, the only negative is that we only spend this day with one day of classes.

We were given options of games to play with students, and bingo was one of those games.  So…I looked online for a bingo game that deals with ukuleles and could not find anything…so I found a bingo generator and entered all of the chords from Katie Wardrobe’s ( Ukulele Chord Image Library, plus a couple of other images…and created bingo cards.  I printed to a color printer and they are being laminated…but as the source materials were free (I ordered bingo markers from Amazon), I thought I would share the bingo game here if others wanted to use it as well.  You may want to use a randomizer to choose what chord or image (I am using Decide Now! on my iPhone).

Ukego (print, cut out, and distribute) PDF: UkeGo

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