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Shopping Lists

I took inventory the other day and found out that I have twenty-three ukuleles, and twenty-six if you count the ukulele that I bought for each of the other members of my house.  My wife had a friend over tonight, who saw the music room, and said, “Wow, what a lot of ukuleles!  How many are there?”  My wife answered, “What is it?  Fifteen?”

I didn’t want to tell her the actual number so I mumbled and walked away.

Five of the ukuleles were free, and most were very inexpensive.  I don’t think the entire collection adds up to the value of my tuba.  And even the expensive ones were bought at a discount.

I’m not going to list all of my instruments, but my “premium” instruments are my KoAloha models.  One is an Opio (import) Tenor made of Sapele, one is an Opio Concert made of Acacia, and one is a KoAloha Concert made of Koa.  All three were bought at a discount.  The Tenor was B-Stock, and the Concerts were used and at discount.  I also have an expensive Kala Concert Banjo Ukulele, and a Lanikai UkeSB Tenor (Spuce Top) that I can plug right into an iPad (I have used that a lot).  There are a couple of ukuleles that I could sell—but for now, I’m okay with them all.

And I can’t help it, but I’m still looking.

What is catching my eye?  You’d be surprised…most are “relatively” inexpensive (compared to a normal K Brand ukulele).  Here’s my current list:

  • Kala Journeyman U-Bass.  A new ukulele bass with F-Holes, and I think it looks great, and I’d like a bass to use in recordings or even to play at ukulele events.  I am wondering if I could get away with tuning it CGEA instead of EADG so that I didn’t have to learn different fingerings?  About $300.
  • Kala Black Archtop Tenor.  Since I’m sticking with Kala, I have played these and I don’t love the sound…but I LOVE the look, and I think the (included) pick-up might make it worth it.   I wish they offered a Concert version of this instrument.  About $299.
  • Kala Ziricote Concert.  I love this wood.  It’s a laminate instrument, and the sound is very generic—but I love how it looks.  Looks mean a lot.  $239.
  • Ohana CK-39. Martin 3 Replica.  I love the look.  Plain and simple.  $319.
  • Ohana CK-358.  A taropatch (8 string) Concert ukulele.  Awesome.  $340.
  • Flight Travel Soprano Ukulele.  Intrigued by the ABS and laminate construction.  $60.
  • Sun Star Music Ukuleles.  A new company importing to Appleton, Wisconsin.  I’d love to see what they have in person.
  • Mainland Cedar Concert.  Just a beautiful instrument from a dealer that really invests in the ukulele world.  I’d probably get it with a pick-up, which raises the cost exponentially.  $400.
  • Outdoor Ukulele Carbon Fiber Black Ukulele.  I have a moonshine tenor.  Curious to see if this is actually brighter and has more sustain as advertised (I LOVE my outdoor ukuleles). $200

Again, I’m a bargain hunter, and I probably won’t buy any of these (other than the Journeyman or Mainland—and perhaps the Flight ukulele) unless it is used and a good deal.

I would also like to reach a point of sponsorship on my YouTube channel (almost 5,000 subscribers) and Patreon where I could give away a ukulele each month.  I’m not sure what I would do there, but I would certainly check with some companies to see if they could sell me ukuleles to donate at cost.  We’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

I would also like some other accessories:

  • Roadie 2 tuner.  We have these at school, as I have blogged about.  I love it—and would love one at home.  $149.
  • Gotoh UPT tuning heads.  I want to start replacing some ukulele tuners with these…they are on my KoAloha and are incredible.  They are about $70 a set!

I know this is a long list…and it is subject to change…but that’s what I am looking for right now, and am in no hurry to buy!


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