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You Know You Have Been Making Too Many Videos When…

I have had the privilege to get to know some wonderful people through my efforts in music education and technology, as well as through ukulele.  One of those people is Andy Ramos, a teacher in Houston, who attended TMEA this year.  It’s a good thing Andy is 1300 miles away, just like it is a good thing my music technology friend Paul Shimmons lives in Michigan, or I would be hanging out with them all the time.  I share so much in common with these fellows that they become instant close friends!

Andy has taken my approach to Video Play Alongs and has continued the work and improved the work.  He is the only person out there whose output exceeds my own!  I love that he not only brings a wide variety of songs (pop, Latin, Christian), but that he often does so in multiple keys.  If you don’t subscribe to Andy’s YouTube channel—do so today.

Andy wrote a note yesterday, and it made me laugh out loud…and I had to share his thought with you.

You know you’ve been working on too many uke songs when you look up at the TV and wonder why they are putting up uke chord diagrams.

The photo?


That would be a C7+5 by the way (I had to look it up… is incredibly useful).

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