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Top 50 Ukulele Blog

A couple of weeks ago, Abuja Agarwal e-mailed from Feedspot to let me know that is one of the “Top 50 Ukulele Blogs.”

We were asked to mention the Top 50 Ukulele Blogs list in a post.

While I’d like to see my YouTube Channel eventually hit 100,000 subscribers (currently just over 10,000 subscribers), the real goal behind all of this work is to share information with others. If any part of this can funnel some income back to support the work, that would be nice–but again, it isn’t the point (at least not at this point).

Thank you to those that subscribe to this blog or visit it; thank you to those that subscribe to my YouTube channel (, and thank you to those that visit my other blog,

And thanks to Feedspot for listing this blog as a Top 50 ukulele blog.


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