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Gorilla Grip or Monster Grip

Do you suffer from Gorilla Grip or Monster Grip? This is what happens when you press too hard with your left hand while you are playing.

If your ukulele is set up correctly, it should take very little pressure to play a note with the left hand. If you press too lightly, you might hear a “buzz.” Nothing good comes out of playing with too strong of grip.

Some things to check:

  1. Have your fingers as close to the fret wire as you can without your fingers muting the strings or causing buzzing.
  2. Press no harder than you need to press to play a chord.
  3. Try an easy song…such as “You Are My Sunshine.” Instead of worrying about the chords you are playing (which shouldn’t be a problem) focus on playing close to the fret wires and not pressing very hard.

If you find that you cannot play without pressing very hard, your ukulele may need to be adjusted to have lower action at the nut and/or at the saddle!

Avoid Gorilla Grip or Monster Grip! Your hand will thank you later.


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