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No Income from YouTube

After six months (!) of waiting, YouTube denied my channel’s request to be monetized by advertisements. The reason? “Duplication,” specifically using existing audio as play along material.

Now, I want to make it clear that I fully understand that any songs with someone else’s audio will (and would) receive the ad revenue. On a negative aspect, none of my other videos can earn income from ads.

Now, let’s be realistic: a massive percentage of the traffic on my YouTube channel comes from people watching (and hopefully playing along with) the play along videos. One video in particular, from The Greatest Showman, has well over 1,000,000 views.

As I plan to continue making play along videos, YouTube is not going to approve my channel for monetization. This just goes to show the importance of Patreon in my work–and if you are reading this blog and watching the videos, and you’re open to it, becoming a Patron at a $1 level would sure be appreciated!

I’m working on some rewards; and have sent one e-mail to a ukulele company with the idea of offering a give away to Patreon subscribers (at a low level of sponsorship). More about that if anything happens on that front.

And to those of you who are sponsoring my work at Patreon, THANK YOU!


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