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YouTube Channel/Blog News! (First Patreon Reward)

It is with great excitement that I announce the first Patreon reward for anyone that sponsors $1 or more: The first installment of the Video Ukulele Method.

I discuss the method in the video below, but ultimately, the method is based on how people seem to use ukulele most of the time: learning new chords, practicing those chords, and then putting those chords into use in songs. I am not providing content via the method (the content remains the right of the Copyright holder via YouTube), but simply an organization of material with scaffolding in mind.

The method is packaged in a Google Slides document, so that I can update the presentation as necessary, and so that it works on any platform, WITHIN the presentations. It does require that you have an Internet connection, however.

And if you use an existing method, I think you can use parts of this method as supplemental material. The method can be used in schools, or it can be used individually or in other community groups. Anyone learning ukulele will benefit from this approach.

Remember, when you sponsor me on Patreon, you are helping me provide content.

If you join me on Patreon and want access to the Google folder, be sure to e-mail me (address appears on the right) and let me know what address you would like me to invite to the folder (e.g. work or home).


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