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Holiday Shopping Ideas – 2018 (Ukulele Video Play Along Podcast Episode #11)


Well, the holiday season is before us, and you might have a ukulele player in your life, or have non-ukulele players who are looking for gift ideas for you.  As I think through my own ukulele gear, I have a number of items that might be an ideal gift for a ukulele player, at a number of price ranges.  One note: links to Amazon are referral links, which means that I would earn a small commission on a sale (it does not increase the price of the item).

Inexpensive Gift Ideas (less than $25)

  • Nomad Octopus Tool (8-in-1)less than $15
  • Oasis OH-18 Ukulele Humidifierless than $20
  • Strings: just get a gift card from (not a referral link).  Strings are $6-$8 a set plus shipping ($3.50), so plan $20 to $25 to be safe (two to three sets of strings and shipping).
  • Ukulele Straps: I have many favorites, but check out Uke Straps on Facebook.  Some awesome new straps – About $20 (not a referral link, but feel free to mention that I referred you).
  • G7th Ultralight Ukulele CapoAbout $20
  • Ukulele OrnamentAbout $10
  • Distilled Water – Less than $2 a gallon Ukulele humidifiers should use distilled water.  It’s a practical gift, particularly if you are giving a humidifier as a gift!

Some More Expensive Gifts (more than $25)

And Some Ukuleles…

I hope this list is helpful!  And best wishes to all for a very happy holiday season.  As I celebrate Christmas, a very Merry Christmas to everyone that celebrates Christmas, too.

Note: I think it is important to offer disclaimers.  I have not received any sponsorship from any of the companies lists above.  If you buy something from an Amazon link, I will receive a commission.  It is worth mentioning that Aklot sent me a ukulele to review in 2017, which I was incredibly impressed with, and gave it away to a niece last year.  I have bought other Aklot ukuleles and would do so again.  There are a lot of brands of ukuleles, and it is almost always better to buy from a reputable online dealer (the list including Mim’s Ukes, The Uke Republic, The Ukulele Site, Elderly Music, and Southern Ukulele Store (in the U.K.).  These companies all include set-up in the price of the ukulele, which can make a ukulele easier to play.  That said, I’ve been very happy with my Flight TUS35, the Aklot AKC-23 (now in the hands of my niece), and my Enya X1 camp soprano.  The set up on all of these was quite wonderful, and the Aklot and Enya come with a very nice starter kit as well.  If you buy the Aklot, buy a Oasis Humidifier, too.  The Enya is the “next step up” featuring high pressure laminate HPL (the same material Martin and Bonanza use in their ukuleles) with a radius neck, slotted headstock, and more.  While I haven’t seen all of the Flight Ukuleles, I would definitely recommend any Aklot and any Enya at this point.  While $125 may seem like a lot for the Enya, you are getting an instrument with features that are worth easily three times as much.

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