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Videos: The Year (2018) in Review

As 2018 draws to a close, and the videos I am currently preparing are for something special in 2019 (February 15th to be exact…anyone know why this date in particular?), I will not have another play along video (although I may film a podcast episode tomorrow) until 2019.  That means that I can look at play along videos for 2018, as I did in 2017 (link).

Last year, I broke things down by month, but I didn’t want to do that this year.  In 2017, I created 176 play along videos.

This year, I only created 159 videos.  That sounds like a negative, but I added a few other categories of videos.

I created 20 videos of reviews in 2018; 10 skill drill videos (very, very useful in my own teaching), 10 videos for the Ukulele Boot Camp, 29 Karaoke videos, 21 play along videos were created in a separate key (and not counted in the total of 159), 8 tutorial videos, 2 additions to my Daily 365 project (I really need to get going on that in 2019), and 4 podcast videos.

In addition to these videos, I was convinced in July that I needed to start making videos for Baritone Ukulele–which sometimes share the same key as a ukulele video, and sometimes not.  I made 53 Baritone Ukulele Play Alongs in 2018, starting with “Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride” on July 8th.

Three videos are blocked and remain blocked (not a content strike…the copyright holder just will not allow them to be published).  I leave them in my own YouTube and do not publish them, because I have seen copyright restrictions change on songs (e.g. “Fields of Gold” and “You’ll Be Back”).  I have also received copyright notices from YouTube months later (e.g. On December 23rd, 2018, “La Bamba” was attached to a copyright, and I had published that video on August 9th, 2017).  We have also seen a song that was allowed to be used in a play along later taken away.  The one instance of this was “Low Rider” and both Dr. Jill Reese and Kris Gilbert had videos blocked because of that!

My first video in 2018 was “You and I” on January 2nd.  My last video was “Always Keep a Ukulele In Your Trunk” on December 27th.

The channel, as of today, has nearly 19,000 subscribers.  What’s my goal?  100,000.  I’d love to have a silver Play button to display at school.  So, if you haven’t subscribed, please do so.

The most watched video was “Rewrite the Stars” with just over 1.4 million views.

Yes…1.4 million.  All of the other Greatest Showman videos did quite well.

“Lost Boy” has regularly been my most popular video as of late, with 311,000 views.

And the revenue I have earned from making the videos?  $0.00.  If you follow the blog or podcast, you know that YouTube sends ad revenue to the copyright holder of the songs that are used for the play along, and my request to monetize the channel (for my own videos) was rejected because my channel is considered to be “duplication.”  I have resubmitted an application for my channel to be monetized for my own content, but I doubt it will be approved.

That’s why any sponsorship via Patreon is greatly appreciated.

Here are a couple of ideas that I’m floating for 2019.

  1. Look for a Google Form on new videos starting in 2019 asking for requests.  I can’t always make a video, and I try to create videos that I can use at school (obviously, any religious songs cannot–but I’m talking more about pop music as a whole).
  2. I will continue with the Podcast, and hope to get some guests on the podcast (in addition to my son who joined me for the last one).
  3. I would like to go back and make baritone versions for all of the songs that already exist.  That’s going to take a while, and will be a long term goal.
  4. As a Patreon Reward, I’d like to offer chord sheets of every new song (and old songs as I remake them).  Most of the time, I’m pretty confident in my chord analysis, and my chords differ from the sources online.
  5. When a song is in the public domain, I’ll also provide a lead sheet as a Patreon Reward.
  6. And I will continue with the next series of the Ukulele Video Play Along Method, which already has “The First Five Chords” (about 100 videos) and the Holiday Songs (about 70 songs).

I hope 2018 has been great for you; some really good things happened for me and I look forward to what 2019 will bring!


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