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New Video Types

I recently published my visit with Dr. Jill Reese, who started the Ukulele Video Play Along format. In that discussion, we talked about the “next steps” for play along videos. I have listened to that podcast, and will do so again in the future–there’s a lot of good content in that discussion.

One of the things I started thinking about was how to provide the “next level” of play along for people. What I have produced is something I am calling a “Lyric Based Play Along.” It simply shows chord letters with the music, and no “timing” boxes or “bouncing balls.” It can then be used by nearly any chord-playing instrument (ukulele, baritone ukulele, guitar, piano) to play along.

A member of the Ukulele Video Play Along Group on Facebook asked if someone could re-do the “Clouds” video which I had made on May 31, 2017. This was still early in my video-making process, and I was not yet using my iPad or Luma Fusion to make play along videos.

Not only was I wrong about what key the video was in, I do not like the appearance of my videos that uses an existing lyric video and placed chords underneath. I like to be able to control all the aspects of the video myself, which is what Luma Fusion makes possible.

I re-created the video with moving cloud footage (you’ll see more moving backgrounds in the future) in the new key, simplifying the Am7 chord to an Am chord. Sometimes it is an Am7, and sometimes it sounds as if it is just an Am…and the Am works in both cases and is easy to play in C.

Then I created the video in its original key…and then made it for baritone, which is all font work. I used the alternative D chord (213) as the move from D to F#m works much better than traditional D (123) to F#m.

Finally, I made two versions of the new Lyric Based Play Along, in both keys.

And in other news, I have opened up new videos to comments, as an instrument manufacturer suggested that I try to allow for more “community” on my channel. As a teacher of a percentage of students who don’t actually “choose” my class, I have to be cautious about comments, so at this time, all comments require approval.

I have only deleted one comment so far, which was left for “Lost Boy.” That comment read, “The instrument used is a piano, not a ukulele.”

I know what a piano sounds like; the point is to be able to play a ukulele along with the song–but I didn’t want to open that comment up to what could be some potentially harsh responses from other users–so I decided to delete that comment.

If you have any comments about the new formats, please feel free to send an e-mail or or leave a comment on the YouTube page!


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