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Freight Train for Four Ukuleles

Our local ukulele group has an advanced group that meets every other Wednesday to work on things other than strumming and singing. They have been working on some four part “ukulele orchestra” arrangements, and while Freight Train, by Elizabeth Cotton, is a pretty accessible song, the version they were using had some chords that the group wasn’t used to, so I took it home and re-arranged it.

Tonight I recorded all four parts…I recorded the chords first as a “foundation” track, then copied that to my iPad and listened to that recording as I recorded the other three tracks, later merging all the tracks in Luma Fusion. Luma Fusion now allows for up to six tracks of audio. I would have liked to have used Acappella (the app) but I was recording on my iPhone, and it does not have a headphone jack…so I couldn’t use my Shure MV88 and my headphones at the same time, and Acappella doesn’t seem to like AirPods!

Ukuleles used:

  • Part 4: Romero Creations XS Soprano
  • Part 3: Lanikai LU-21 Soprano
  • Part 2: Lanikai LU-21CE/BK Concert
  • Part 1: Kala SSTU-T Thinline Travel Tenor

And the PDFs if you wish to play these parts yourself (Created in Notion)…

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