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UkeStuff Merchandise!

Now that my YouTube migration is complete, I can start looking at other projects. Some time ago, I revamped the UkeStuff logos, and made a new t-shirt (TeeSpring) that looks great. It advertises UkeStuff, yes, but it features a big “U” with a ukulele in it. So I think it might appeal to others as well.

That shirt is now available on TeeSpring for order, whenever, in men’s and women’s t-shirts, long sleeve t-shirts, and sweatshirts. I’ll be buying a few more over time.

TeeSpring allows you to determine prices, so I set the prices as low as I could while still making a small profit. So as prices go, I feel pretty good about things.

So…if you like the blog, or the YouTube channels, buy some merchandise!

I have a new hat coming from Queensboro soon, featuring the U logo. I’m hoping it will also look good, and Queensboro offers a similar marketplace.

Here’s the link:

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