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On the road again (to Nashville, Tennessee)

A couple of weeks ago, I heard that Summer NAMM was open to the general public on Saturday, July 20th. That’s this coming Saturday. My boys are currently at my parent’s house for a week, and I would have to go and get them one way or another, so I am leaving “early” to get them, and driving down to Nashville to attend Summer NAMM.

I don’t quite know what to expect because I know that the BIG show is in January, where vendors show their latest developments–and is also where most of the large ukulele manufacturers (even those from Hawaii) show their products. I don’t expect to see any of the Hawaiian K Brands, but I do know that some ukulele vendors will be on hand.

I’ll be walking around with a UkeStuff Polo and a hat with the UkeStuff logo (a U with a ukulele in the middle of it). So if you are at NAMM, and you see me, please feel free to stop and say hello!

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