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August 2019 Update

Hello, everyone! Just a short written update:

1) The main YouTube channel just passed 32,000 subscribers and 11,000,000 views. Thank you for your support!

2) Some companies (particularly WMG – Warner Music Group) have started to block some of the play alongs (e.g. Florida Georgia Line, Panic! at the Disco). This is out of my hands, and hopefully they’ll change their minds someday. I set blocked videos as “private” and review them occasionally.

3) If you would like to support this channel, there’s a very easy way to do it…without paying a cent. To support this channel, just visit the sister channel ( and subscribe, and watch a few videos. That channel is where I do all my other “uke stuff” beyond the play alongs featured on this channel. This channel cannot and will not earn income. Any ads you see on play along videos send income back to YouTube and (hopefully) the song’s copyright holder. I decided to move all of my own content to another channel, and I am trying to get that channel to the 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours needed to monetize that channel. There are a lot of resources for ukulele players in the playlists of that channel, so check them out.

4) I’ve been trying to figure out how to spread the news about videos on Instagram ( and Twitter (@UkeStuff). Instagram is particularly hard to figure out how to make use of, as you can’t put links into posts. That said, feel free to follow me at those places where I am using “Available Now” graphics to announce each new video (created with Cavna).

5) While I do have to approve each video comment, I try to respond to each comment, and I approve 99% of them. I don’t approve trolling comments, and I tend to delete the comments that say, “Hi, or “First” But beyond that, please feel free to ask questions or make comments. I have to admit the common question stated as: “Strumming pattern?” does irritate me a little bit…the newest videos have a linked tutorial for those needing it (at, but in general, there’s no “right” pattern. If what you play sounds good to you, you’re right. I also don’t like specifying strumming patterns so that teachers and group leaders who use the video can tell their students/group how they want the songs to be played.

6) Finally, we do have a new way to request videos (at this link, incidentally: Right now I’m backlogged a month or two for video requests (not counting any videos that I want to make), but there are a number of content creators who have access to the results of this Google Form and that might be able to make your video sooner. We all have our own style (often impacted by our own process to make the videos), so it might not be in the exact style as I might create…but it will still be available. I know that I try to create videos that can be used in a school environment–so I will sometimes avoid some songs.

Thanks again for watching the videos and using them to learn how to play ukulele!

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