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Roadie 2 Update

If you have a Roadie 2 that has experienced button issues, the company sent out an update recently, and I thought it was worth spreading the news about the matter. The update stated:

Hardware Tweak As for hardware, some of you may know that about 5% (a few hundred) of our first batch of Roadie 2 devices had a slight plastic tolerance issue in the inner housing of the R button (ON/OFF button). Basically, a plastic-y bit had a hair too much plastic for its own good. For some users who received these units, this caused the button to become stuck in the pressed position and make the device unusable for anything other than paperweight duty. We have of course corrected this in our newer production batches but some of you lucky few are still suffering from this issue. We do have a fix, it is easy and fast.

Here is a video walking you through it: If you are having this issue and do not want to fix it yourself with the method above, we will be happy to fix it for you or send you a replacement button without the plastic tolerance issue. Whatever your preference, please accept our apology for the inconvenience and allow us to help correct this small but impactful error. We are dedicated to getting your Roadie back in business and tuning for a long time to come.

I’ve watched the video, and while I am pretty sure I could fix the problem, for most users, I’d contact the company about a faulty button and work out a way to send your model in to have it repaired.

Early on, I experienced this button failure with both of the Roadies that I purchased for our school, which were replaced. One of the replacements experienced it, and the other one is still okay. I didn’t pursue a replacement of the third faulty model because I was using the Jowoom T2 Smart Tuner, and I no longer have access to that third faulty model.

My preference for a Smart Tuner is the Jowoom, mainly because of the full automatic mode (no button presses needed), but I do think the Roadie 2 is an excellent device that offers far more customization (e.g. custom tunings). For my needs, however, GCEA is all I need in the classroom. I like this update as it acknowledges there was an issue, offers continuing help for the issue (customer support), and also points out that the stuck button issue will not happen any longer to any new buyers of the device.

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