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Illinois Music Education Conference 2020

I had the privilege to present a couple of sessions at the Illinois Music Education Conference on Friday, one of them a ukulele session. I’d like to thank the ILMEA for making it very affordable for presenters (they offered a $50 rate for the convention). Conventions “headliners” are paid for their work–however, most presenters (unless sponsored) pay for themselves to travel to and attend a convention.

Just a few thoughts following the presentation…

First, the automatic tuner I like to use is the Jowoom Smart Tuner T2. If you want to buy one, consider using this referral code (same price, but the purchase through the link sends a small commission my way):

Second, my method, based on the videos and using Google Slides, is available at If you go to “store” you will find the very affordable priced method.

Third, I was playing my Enya Nova Concert Ukulele…highly recommended.

And finally…thank you for coming and learning about the ukulele! You can find the session notes below.

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