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Ukulele Rule #1: 30 Day Waiting Period

I have been thinking a lot about “rules” when it comes to the ukulele, and while there are no “official” rules, I think there are some guidelines that make it easier to play ukulele. I’m going to be sharing these from time to time…generally as I realize that I have tripped upon a new rule.

As you can see from the title of this post, Rule #1 is this: “30 Day Waiting Period.” While the terminology is similar, I am not referring to gun control. I am also not talking about a thirty day waiting period to buy your first ukulele. I’m talking about a thirty day waiting period to buy your SECOND ukulele.

Ukuleles can be pretty inexpensive, and you can get into a great starter ukulele for under $60. In the world of musical instruments, that isn’t very much at all. It is very common for someone to buy a cheap ukulele (sometimes not even a “good” starter instrument), find joy in it, and then buy a second, third, and fourth instrument…staying below an initial investment of $250 for all of them.

I find the learning curve of ukulele to be pretty steep/fast. It doesn’t take long for a interested player to learn some chords and start strumming. At the same time, they’re reading everything they can find out about the ukulele. In those first weeks, they’re bound to come across the discussion of scale length/instrument sizes, laminate vs. solid wood, K Brands, and most importantly action/string height. And it doesn’t matter how much you try to learn before you buy that first ukulele (I know, I tried), there is always so much more to learn.

I suggest a thirty day waiting period before you buy ukulele #2 (and subsequent numbers) so that you can take time learning how to play the instrument and learning more about the instrument before that second purchase. Then, as you reach day thirty, if you want to buy that second ukulele, go ahead and do so from a more educated point of view.

If you’re looking for that first ukulele, I have another rule about that which I’ll write about soon.

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