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The Peripole Classic Ukulele by Enya

This evening, I received news that Peripole, Inc., a specialist with gear for elementary music education classrooms (or anyone else) has an exclusive model with Enya Music, a company that I like very much, and every one of its models sits at the high end of my ratings scale (use the search feature at The 200 series from Enya has become the Peripole Classic Ukulele. You can see the full news release here:

Furthermore, Peripole is the sole educational distributor of Enya’s products.

To the common person, this may not be very important, but to schools and music teachers, this is a very important announcement.

Schools are often limited to specific vendors. They can’t always buy from the cheapest dealer on the Internet. While this may be more expensive in some cases, it actually protects schools and districts from fraud and “inside deals.” You wouldn’t believe how strictly schools music maintain their books…there is much more oversight than pretty much any other company.

And the other benefit is that music educators and schools (either/or) can order these ukuleles at a significant discount, making them even less expensive than other packages available online–making it not only a safe place to buy instruments, but also a cost-effective place to buy instruments.

And I’m personally excited about Enya because I haven’t met an Enya that I didn’t like. Every one has been well made to their very strict quality standards, with great set-up, and incredible accessories.

Music teachers aren’t used to getting the things they will get with the Peripole Classic Ukulele. Other ukulele buyers may be used to the Enya “Kit,” but schools are not. The idea of getting a really nice gig bag, strap, tuner, and extra strings (an a few other things that are not as critical) will represent a whole new world for a lot of music educators. We’re used to getting a box with a badly set-up ukulele, and that’s it. And music teachers…that bag is one of the better ones in the business. They’re really nice.

And if Enya isn’t your thing, Peripole also carries Luna, KoAloha, and Diamondhead, all which sell at a discount to music educators. There is no subscription…you just sign up and prove your are a teacher.

For teachers worried about COVID (this is written in July 2020), Peripole also carries the Enya Nova–also at a discount–which would be great for teachers or students, and can definitely be sanitized easier than the Peripole Classic Ukulele.

Is there any downside to the Periople Classic Ukulele? Not really–be aware that it is laminate mahogany and not solid mahogany. The ukulele industry assumes that if you say the wood, e.g. “spruce,” that means laminate spruce, and if you say, “solid spruce,” that means solid spruce. Simply put, there is currently only one solid wood instrument that I know of under $100, and it has to be ordered direct from China (which is not very reliable at this time due to COVID-19). In fact, there are very few solid top instruments under $100. So if you see anything under the $100 price point, you are generally dealing with a laminate mahogany instrument. That isn’t a problem–laminate is just fine and is more durable for school (and most other) environments. You shouldn’t have to humidify them. So it’s all good…but I just want you to know.

And the only other risk is something we call “fret sprout,” where the fret ends are exposed as the fret board (which IS solid wood, like the neck) dries out in many school environments. You’ll want to learn how to handle that repair on your own, with some masking tape and a sanding sponge. And on a related note, in extreme conditions, a neck can warp due to humidity issues. Be aware that these things can happen on ANY wooden (solid or laminate) ukulele.

So…this is good news for all music educators. Peripole is a great company, and these are good products. Looking for some ukuleles? This is a good option!

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