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“The Best”

I saw a YouTube video the other day, and it featured the “Best Ukulele under $___.” I’ve seen many such videos over the last few years–and I just can’t find myself committed to a “best” ukulele.

I have brands that I like, and brands that I prefer. I also have brands that I avoid, either because of bad reviews or bad experiences with those brands.

But I stay away from the category of “best” most of the time. I prefer “One of the Best.”

In my ukulele reviews, I do give ratings, and have a number of instruments that get the highest rating (5 out of 5 ukuleles). What that means is that they are wonderful instruments that I would recommend without hesitation. And in my reviews–very clear on my One Minute Ukulele Reviews–is that there are negatives (or things to improve) on every ukulele. I absorb a lot of ukulele material–and I am always impressed by Joe Souza from Kanile’a Ukulele. In addition to his efforts to make outstanding ukuleles while guaranteeing the future of Koa as a sustainable wood, he also talks a lot about experimenting and continuing to approve. If I remember correctly, he was interviewed by Ukulele Abe (on Abe’s Podcast) and said something to the effect of, “We don’t think the perfect ukulele has ever been built.”

That’s refreshing–because it doesn’t dishonor any ukulele that has been built–but it shows that a company continues to strive to make the best products it can.

I know that “The Best” generates views and interests. But in every case, “One of the Best” could often be substituted and add truthfulness to any video or article.

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