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A Modification for Future UkeGuide Ratings

I recorded a review the other day, and I have decided to change a policy about the reviews.

I don’t think it is earth-shattering by any means, but I have decided that if an instrument doesn’t have side position markers, from this point forward, the highest rating it will receive is a 3.5/5.

This is based on my own playing of ukulele and my tendency to shift scale size frequently. When I am playing anything other than chords/strumming, if there are no position markers, it makes it very difficult to play the ukulele, particularly when at the 5th fret or above…which is rather frequent on the chord melody and tablature that I have been playing as of late.

Not too long ago, I thought side position markers might have been overrated; and they can be added by a luthier or even with a drop of paint or a sticker. In all these cases, it is an example of having to do something that you shouldn’t have to do!

So do be aware that with future reviews (I’m not going to go back and change past scores), if an instrument lacks side position markers, the maximum rating will be a 3.5/5. And to be fair, anything with a 3 or more is a safe bet for a ukulele…so a 3.5 isn’t a terrible score. But the lack of side position markers will keep an otherwise excellent ukulele from an even higher score.

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