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WAAAAAAY Too Much Talking

I just had a comment on one of my reviews (which I deleted) which said, “Waaaay too much talking.”

All I have to say is that I want my reviews to be thorough, and that I did some research before settling on the UkeGuide format. Some people just wanted to hear the ukulele and wanted to hear it right away in the video. Others wanted a in depth discussion about the qualities of the instrument. Some wanted just the specifications. Others just wanted a summary. And some just wanted a rating.

I have had one complaint that I didn’t talk enough about the sound of the ukuleles, even though there is a long audio sample as well as a Harmonic Analysis of the tone. I honestly don’t know what else to say.

Back to the original topic, the format of the video PLUS the addition of chapters to YouTube, allows the viewers to watch what they want to watch. I do take time every week to make sure that these elements are in every review. So some feedback for those that think there is WAAAAAAY Too Much Talking…

  • Use the chapters to watch what you want
  • Watch the One Minute Review
  • Go to to the UkeGuide page, and read the one page summary document

I know that you can’t make everyone happy…but I sure have tried to give viewers as many options as I can.

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