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Summer 2022 Update

Hello! Thanks for taking a moment to stop by the blog/website. As usual, many thanks to WordPress for making this resource free, though I do pay for the custom URL of

I haven’t posted a lot of videos or content in the past months, mainly because I have been working on my health. Over the last year, I lost over 140 pounds, and with the freedom from that weight, I now spend a lot of time being active and getting out and doing things, which keeps me from making new content. However, in truth, I have RECORDED a lot of content…months worth at this point…but have not found the time to sit around and EDIT that content. With my full-time teaching job (September-May), I work all day, spend time with my family, and find time to stay active…and that represents most of my days during the school year.

We are now on summer break, and over the past week, I have edited several hours worth of videos that aren’t quite ready to post, as they still need metadata that has to be added to YouTube. And I still have a number of other videos to edit and adjust that metadata as well.

So what I’m try to say is that new content is coming, but that content will appear as I have time in flexibility in my schedule. So yes, I am creating content…just not posting it!

I also went through a period of time a few months back where I managed to buy some incredible instruments which I have not reviewed…and I have another 30 other instruments to review. As I review instruments that are sent to me first, and then review those that I buy…I have a lot of content available there as well. So yes, more reviews are coming…and in fact, four are waiting in YouTube for metadata. With a weekly release, that’s a month worth of videos…and my release schedule may be slower than that, too. What were these amazing instruments? Well, to name a few: A Mya-Moe Concert, a Blackbird Clara, a Martin 2 Concert, and a LoPrinzi Cherry Concert. I have used some of these in some of my videos (particularly the Holiday tutorials), but I generally don’t show the instruments until they are reviewed. I also have reviews coming of the KNA UK-2 pickup, as well as the Flight Tiny6 Amplifier; and a number of UkeTips that are backlogged as well. And I have a massive comparison of Amazon-based ukuleles that I want to record…and will record…in the coming weeks. I’m excited about that project as well.

So, I’m doing fine, but have really been putting the focus of personal health and enjoying life over publishing content to a specific schedule. As the UkeStuff channel only generates $30 a month, literally pennies per hour of work, I need to make sure that I give the channel the time it needs, but not more than it deserves, keeping my own health as my priority.

Thanks again for checking in on the page, and have a great day! More UkeStuff will be coming soon!

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