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The Fret Zealot for Ukulele

I have been in touch with Fret Zealot (the company) for some time. The Fret Zealot is a device that you can put on a guitar–and now a ukulele–to learn how to play the instrument. We decided to wait for a review until the product was released for ukulele. Originally I was hoping to simply …

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What’s Your Goal?

Every now and then, I see a video of Taimane, a virtuoso ukulele player, posted on social media. Here’s an example: People comment something to the effect of: “Wow. I wish I was that good,” or “Goals.” I also see posts saying, “Girl plays amazing ukulele.” Well, she’s a “girl,” but more accurately, she is …

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A Ukulele Shopping List for Schools, 2019

I follow a number of ukulele forums or groups, and every few weeks there is a question from someone that says something to this effect: “I am writing a grant for ukuleles and I need to know what to ask for.” Or, “I have been given permission to buy ukuleles. What do I do?” Then …

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The UkeBuddy (Ukulele Buddy) by ChordBuddy

About a month ago, Daniel Hulbert at Circuits and Strings (website and YouTube channel) posted about the UkeBuddy, a new product by Chord Buddy. ChordBuddy is a guitar learning product that helps you play chords through a device that you connect to the neck of the guitar, but over time, you remove parts of the …

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Least Favorite Ukulele Question

I just spent some time on Facebook and the web-based Ukulele Underground Forums. I have decided that my least favorite question comes from someone new that asks, “What kind of ukulele should I buy?” As a teacher, I know that we’re supposed to say that every question is a good and valid question. In this …

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At The 2019 Wisconsin Music Education Conference

Hello! I will have two sessions at the Wisconsin Music Conference this week! The first session is “A Ukulele Methodology for the 21st Century” at 8:45am on Thursday Morning, in Rooms M/N/Q/R/L/P Monona Terrace The second session is “Going Beyond the First Five Chords” at 10am on Friday Morning, also in Rooms M/N/Q/R/L/P Monona Terrace …

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New Version of the Jowoom Smart Tuner

A few weeks ago, I brought my personal Jowoom Smart Tuner with me to my new school, and it had a REALLY hard fall on the terrazzo floor (VERY hard surface). It wasn’t a typical fall…it went down hard and hit a few times. That unit stopped working. About the same time (I had not …

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October (2019) Update

Happy October, everyone! As I write this post, the main YouTube channel ( is approaching 35,000 subscribers! Thank you very much for your support and thank you for watching videos on my YouTube channels. I continue to have two goals with this work channel–beyond providing resources for ukulele players and music educators. The first is …

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See you in LA!

Hello everyone! Tomorrow morning I’m flying to (and from) LA to attend the Los Angeles International Ukulele Festival. I’ll be wearing a dark blue UkeStuff shirt, and I will have some UkeStuff buttons and stickers with me! If you see me, please say hello! I’m also excited to travel with my friend Ukester Brown, who …

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