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Korg Education Bundle

I’m back from the Texas Music Education Association annual conference, and I had the joy of presenting one session (on forScore) as well as attending a number of sessions–and ukulele sessions. I also had the chance to hang out with Andy Ramos and to visit with Kris Gilbert, and you’ll see podcasts with them on …

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21 Easy Folk Songs Book Now Available on Amazon!

In the category of items that might interest you, Jenny Peters and Rebecca Bogart have released a new book (their 6th in the “21 Songs” series) entitled “21 Easy Folk Songs for Ukulele.” In addition to the “21 Songs” series, Jenny and Rebecca also wrote the “Ukulele for All” Method. 21 Easy Folk Songs for …

Continue reading, Ukulele, and Google Slides

I recently read about some improvements to the Add-On for Google Docs and Google Slides. In terms of ukulele, Google Slides now includes the ability to write ukulele tablature. How does it work? Check out the Google Slides presentation below. Want to click on the presentation directly? Go to:

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The Rainbow Ukulele Method…A Review

If you are a music educator, and you are considering integrating ukulele into your instruction, you have some decisions to make as it comes to curriculum. Specifically, do you want to teach ukulele as a solo instrument, or as an accompaniment to singing?  In my own teaching, as the subject is “choir” and ukulele is …

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Some updates…(1/1/2019)

A new episode (#12) of the Ukulele Video Play Along Podcast has been uploaded (find it on YouTube, Apple Podcasts, or Google Play). I also updated the song lists today here on the blog.  This represents all songs created as of 1/1/2019, including Holiday Play Alongs (I don’t imagine there will be any additions to …

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Videos: The Year (2018) in Review

As 2018 draws to a close, and the videos I am currently preparing are for something special in 2019 (February 15th to be exact…anyone know why this date in particular?), I will not have another play along video (although I may film a podcast episode tomorrow) until 2019.  That means that I can look at …

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Holiday Shopping Ideas – 2018 (Ukulele Video Play Along Podcast Episode #11)

Well, the holiday season is before us, and you might have a ukulele player in your life, or have non-ukulele players who are looking for gift ideas for you.  As I think through my own ukulele gear, I have a number of items that might be an ideal gift for a ukulele player, at a …

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New Patreon Reward! Holiday Songs

Knowing that a number of teachers would like a holiday-only selection of songs to use for a day, week, or month, I have put all of the holiday ukulele play along videos into a single Google Sheets presentation.  As we create more videos this month, they will be added to this presentation. You can gain …

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Frequency of Chord Use

At the moment, my master list of Ukulele Video Play Alongs is a catalog of 718 songs, not counting the baritone ukulele videos I have been making since this summer. My personal approach is to teach ukulele as an accompaniment, as most players use the instrument in this way, and I have ukulele embedded into …

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