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August 2019 Update

Hello, everyone! Just a short written update: 1) The main YouTube channel just passed 32,000 subscribers and 11,000,000 views. Thank you for your support! 2) Some companies (particularly WMG – Warner Music Group) have started to block some of the play alongs (e.g. Florida Georgia Line, Panic! at the Disco). This is out of my …

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NAMM 2019: Best or Show

Ukuleles were mentioned a couple of times at this morning’s Best of Show breakfast at NAMM 2019. Most of those mentions came from DeDe Heidi, owner of Hide music in Appleton Wisconsin, which is also where Katie Denure (One Music School on YouTube) works as a music teacher. The item that was mentioned as a …

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On the road again (to Nashville, Tennessee)

A couple of weeks ago, I heard that Summer NAMM was open to the general public on Saturday, July 20th. That’s this coming Saturday. My boys are currently at my parent’s house for a week, and I would have to go and get them one way or another, so I am leaving “early” to get …

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Working with Ukulele Manufacturers

While I am a music educator, my dream job is a position that doesn’t exist–becoming a director of education for a ukulele company, helping them produce (or organize) resources, helping them create ukuleles that are a better fit in school environments, helping schools roll out ukulele initiatives, and then speaking and presenting sessions and representing …

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Happy July 4th!

I have a lot of July 4th related items for you today! Interested in a play along of the Star Spangled Banner? I couldn’t believe it, but we didn’t have one yet! Here are several versions…GCEA in C, DGBE in A and C, Chord Names and Lyrics in C, and a Tutorial Video. The accompaniment …

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Baoli Concert Ukulele

A couple of months ago, Alan Brandt, a fellow ukulele enthusiast I follow on Social Media, posted about a cheap plastic ukulele he ordered from eBay, basically just to see what he would get. When it arrived, he was surprised that it actually served as an instrument, and he brought it with him to Ukulele …

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KoAloha Opio Concert Spruce and Acacia Ukulele

Good things come to those who wait. Or at least they do every now and then. In 2017, Barry Maz did a review of the KoAloha Opio Tenor Spruce Ukulele. It has a distinctive look with the standard KoAloha build, but a very pale face made of Spruce. I have wanted on ever since. I …

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TAB for “Señorita”

Here is the TAB for the introduction of “Señorita” for both GCEA (Soprano, Concert, and Tenor) and DGBE (Baritone):

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UkeStuff Merchandise!

Now that my YouTube migration is complete, I can start looking at other projects. Some time ago, I revamped the UkeStuff logos, and made a new t-shirt (TeeSpring) that looks great. It advertises UkeStuff, yes, but it features a big “U” with a ukulele in it. So I think it might appeal to others as …

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