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Kala Waterman…Redesigned for 2022

In ukulele circles, Kala has been both applauded and criticized for their Waterman series of ukulele; ABS ukuleles modeled after the Maccaferri Ukuleles of the 1950s and 1960s. The Maccaferri ukuleles were wonderful instruments made of styrene, and I have been lucky enough to have been gifted one by a friend, Ukester Brown (You can …

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Is the Ukulele “Bust” Over?

Yesterday I noticed that one of the companies that I really like (or, I should say, whose ukuleles I really like) was selling ukuleles at a discount. This company previously held auctions for each of their builds, and if you were selected, you could buy one at full price. I did enter auctions, and finally …

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Summer 2022 Update

Hello! Thanks for taking a moment to stop by the blog/website. As usual, many thanks to WordPress for making this resource free, though I do pay for the custom URL of I haven’t posted a lot of videos or content in the past months, mainly because I have been working on my health. Over …

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Christmas Intermediate Chord Melodies

This evening, I have put the final touches on a set of 15 intermediate chord melodies for Christmas (all songs in the public domain) that are available through my Buy Me a Coffee Page (direct link:  The price for the collection, which includes quite a bit of features is $6 US (Two “cups of …

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WAAAAAAY Too Much Talking

I just had a comment on one of my reviews (which I deleted) which said, “Waaaay too much talking.” All I have to say is that I want my reviews to be thorough, and that I did some research before settling on the UkeGuide format. Some people just wanted to hear the ukulele and wanted …

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Talking About Ukuleles on the Music Ed Tech Talk Podcast!

Earlier this summer, my friend Robby Burns asked me to join him on his podcast to discuss ukuleles, as his middle school just bought a set of the instruments to use in their general music classes. You can find resources and the episode here:

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A Bad Review Experience, Resulting in a Policy Change

I am willing to review any ukulele, from any company. While most of the ukuleles I see are likely made in the same three or four factories in China, I don’t know where any of them come from, and it is fun to see how the small details make differences in the playability and sound …

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A Modification for Future UkeGuide Ratings

I recorded a review the other day, and I have decided to change a policy about the reviews. I don’t think it is earth-shattering by any means, but I have decided that if an instrument doesn’t have side position markers, from this point forward, the highest rating it will receive is a 3.5/5. This is …

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Interviewed by Kalani Das

At the end of last year, Kalani Das interviewed me for his new Ukulele Club resource, both on YouTube and Patreon. We had a number of technical difficulties with the recording, so we recorded again earlier this summer. I forgot to post about the interview, so I thought I would post about it now…we recorded …

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