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Michigan Music Conference Session Notes

Thank you to everyone who attended the sessions I presented at the 2020 (Hawaiian D7) Michigan Music Conference! I wanted to make sure the session notes were available here as well:

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Humidity and Ukuleles

I have started a continuing series of Ukulele Tips for Flight Ukuleles. This article appeared in their social media on January 14, 2020.  The tips are meant to fit in a single Instagram Post. Many thanks to Flight Ukulele for making this possible. The photo is from the Oasis website. Show care for your ukulele by …

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Flight Uke Tips: Changing Strings

I have started what I hope will be a series of Ukulele Tips for Flight Ukuleles. This article appeared in their social media on December 8, 2019.  The photo above was used by Flight Ukuleles. The tips are meant to fit in a single Instagram Post (This one exceeded a single post, but future versions will …

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December Update

Happy December! There have been a few things going on, so I thought I would post a December Update for the channels! 1) Another ukulele podcaster recently started using “Buy Me a Coffee,” and in looking at the service, I like it far more than Patreon. Like a video? Buy me a coffee to say, …

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Now available…the Video Ukulele Method

I was looking at Ukulele Abe’s Twitter feed the other day, and I noticed that he was using Buy Me a Coffee. I wasn’t a fan of Patreon, so I decided to check that out. It turns out that Buy Me a Coffee had a way to do what I needed a service to do…to …

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2019 Ukulele Gift Guide

Here are the items covered in this year’s gift guide video: The following links are Amazon Associate links.  If you buy any item using these links, a small percentage comes back as a commission for the referral.  Please note that the referral link adds no extra cost to the item. Tools:  Music Nomad F-One Fretboard …

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Aklot Ukuleles on Black Friday Sale

You can get 20% off Aklot Ukuleles on Amazon right now for Black Friday 2019, making the very respectable solid mahogany top AKC-23 (Concert) $48. That’s an amazing deal.

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Roadie Tuners on Sale! (Black Friday)

I just received an e-mail regarding Roadie tuners…all of them are on sale for Black Friday 2019 at a 20% savings. That’s a pretty good deal. While I prefer the Jowoom T2 Smart Tuner, the Roadie 2 is also an excellent device. See for the Black Friday deal.

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November YouTube Update

I’m posting these updates on my YouTube channel, and then later deleting them. I am going to keep posting them here on, so that there can be a record of those posts. Unbelievably, we’re in the middle of November already. My production of videos has been slowed down by two things. First, I am …

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