Ukulele in secondary music education

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Hello!  I just wanted to let everyone know that I’m still here.  I have been waiting to post until we are back to playing ukuleles at my school.  We just opened a new school, and we have 71 Outdoor Ukuleles on hand.  The problem is that my room is still not finished, and we might …

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The 2018 Los Angeles Ukulele Festival

As I did last year, I am heading out on Saturday to attend the Los Angeles Ukulele Festival. I fly out early morning and come back late at night, making for a long day, but not missing any school. The flight, via Spirit Airlines, is very affordable-and it will be a joy to attend various …

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My “Renewed” 2004 KoAloha Concert Ukulele

Last Spring, I went to a local used music store to check out a Kamaka Tenor Ukulele that was selling for $800. I went to play it, because you generally don’t see Kamaka Ukuleles in our area (there is one vendor), and certainly not at an $800 price point. It was interesting to play the …

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The Lunatic Cigar Box Ukulele

This summer, I had the pleasure of spending some time with Ukester Brown, a local ukulele teacher/performer/enthusiast.  He loves the the songs of the 1920s, and has an extensive collection of Maccaferri ukuleles (the styrene ukuleles that were everywhere in the 1950s).  I had a chance to see his collection this summer (probably one of …

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Ukulele Video Play Along Podcast

The next episode is out today!

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Video Play Along Lists Updated!

Today I went through the process of updating all of the play along lists…something I haven’t done since the end of June.  You can find the lists in the “Video Play Along” category of this blog. Some interesting items…we are over 650 songs in the main list, and I have contributed over 300 songs myself …

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Jowoom Smart Tuner T2

Last year, my friend Paul Marchese (find his awesome work at introduced me to the Roadie 2 automatic guitar/ukulele tuner. While many players have no need for such a device, if you start acquiring a large number of ukuleles, or if you work with a group (classroom or adult group), it might be very …

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Carlo Robelli UKB 325 Acoustic-Electric Ukulele Bass

I have been intrigued by ukulele basses for quite some time. Before I began playing ukulele, my wife and I attended a wedding of one of her friends, and the band featured a ukulele bass. I had never seen such an instrument, and I remember being fascinated by an instrument that sounded like an upright/double …

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The 2018 Silver Creek International Ukulele Carnival and Bonanza Ukuleles

Late last night I returned home from a short trip up to the Two Harbors area for the annual Silver Creek International Ukulele Carnival (SCIUC). It is a three day event (I generally have participated in just Saturday or Friday/Saturday) a short distance North of Duluth, Minnesota. The Two Harbors area has a pretty active …

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