Ukulele in secondary music education

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Music Nomad 8-in-1 Octopus Tool

A couple of weeks ago, Katie DeNure (One Music School YouTube Channel) demonstrated how she changed strings on ukuleles, and in the process, she used a Music Nomad Octopus 8-in-1 tool on her ukulele to tighten the nuts on her tuning heads. I ordered one right away. I have been doing a lot of work …

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YouTube Channel/Blog News! (First Patreon Reward)

It is with great excitement that I announce the first Patreon reward for anyone that sponsors $1 or more: The first installment of the Video Ukulele Method. I discuss the method in the video below, but ultimately, the method is based on how people seem to use ukulele most of the time: learning new chords, …

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Ukulele Video Play Along Podcast: Episode 0008

I decided to make the most recent version of the UVPP a video podcast as well. You can access the audio via Apple Podcasts or Google Play, or follow the links below for audio or video. In this episode, I introduce my new Ohana CK-70-8 taropatch, discuss my new approach which includes play alongs for …

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Installing a Strap Button

If you ask ukulele players whether you should use a strap or not, you are going to get a wide range of answers. Everyone has an opinion, but they differ greatly. I started playing ukulele not wanting to use a strap–as a pure beginner, I thought it showed weakness. In my collection of musical skills, …

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G7th Ultralight Ukulele Capo

A few days ago, a proud mom posted a video of her daughter playing ukulele and singing on Facebook. The daughter did a great job, but the song she was playing was too low for her voice. I don’t blame anyone…we all tend to sing songs where they are printed, and a lot of people …

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Pismo Ukulele

Tom Kramer, a producer/writer/director with a significant résumé ( has started a YouTube channel based on his character Pismo, who is teaching ukulele for the “pre-beginner.” New videos post every Thursday. I find it HILARIOUS. HI-LAR-I-OUS. Tom’s character is spot on, and it reflects, honestly, some of the challenges of beginning ukulele players, as well …

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The Video Creation Set-Up

I thought it might be interesting for you to see the set-up that I use to make the video play alongs. This doesn’t include apps (I can list those later), but it does include all of the hardware that I use. My main device is a 12.9″ iPad Pro. I love it, and it is …

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DIY Water Bead Humidifiers – Update

The summers in Wisconsin/Minnesota are very ukulele friendly–relative humidity is always in the “safe zone” of 40%-60% (unless you leave a wooden ukulele outside in the elements). This time of year, I remove all humidifiers from my cases, and let the humidity “material” dry out. As you are aware, I built 10 water bead humidifiers …

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No Income from YouTube

After six months (!) of waiting, YouTube denied my channel’s request to be monetized by advertisements. The reason? “Duplication,” specifically using existing audio as play along material. Now, I want to make it clear that I fully understand that any songs with someone else’s audio will (and would) receive the ad revenue. On a negative …

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