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Flight Uke Tip – Strings (Part 3) Low G

If you play ukulele, you are familiar with its special sound which is due to its traditional tuning, GCEA. When the G is tuned above the C, this is called “reentrant tuning.” ⁠⁠Why is the ukulele tuned this way? The ukulele was developed in the late 1870s by immigrant wood workers who moved to Hawaii …

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Happy Birthday (Maybe)?

I’m using Noteflight to arrange some music (just for fun) and they have an embed option. I wanted to see if I can get that to work in WordPress. If so, you’ll see it below. If not…I’ll provide a link (click for score in Noteflight).

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Excellent Video: Cost, Scales, Where to Buy

My friend, Rachel Webley (in Wales), published a lovely video today discussing the issues of cost, scales, and where to buy your first ukulele. I’m in total agreement with everything that she tells you in this video.

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Flight Uke Tip – Strings, Part II

Last month we discussed the strings that come with Flight ukuleles. This month, we will talk about different strings that you might want to try on your ukulele.  You should try different strings on your ukulele only if one of two things are true. First, if you don’t like the sound or feel of your …

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The Hug Strap

Melissa, owner of The Hug Strap, just released a video talking about her product. Early in my playing days, I didn’t want to drill into my ukuleles. I think that’s a phase that many of us go through…and eventually, if you use straps, you start drilling. One of the things I loved about the Hug …

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Ukulele Rule #2: No more than $75 for your first ukulele

This may not be a very popular rule, but in general, I don’t think you should spend more than $75 (US) on your first ukulele. If you have been borrowing someone else’s ukulele this rule does not apply to you; and if you played ukulele some years ago and want to come back to it, …

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Ukulele Rule #1: 30 Day Waiting Period

I have been thinking a lot about “rules” when it comes to the ukulele, and while there are no “official” rules, I think there are some guidelines that make it easier to play ukulele. I’m going to be sharing these from time to time…generally as I realize that I have tripped upon a new rule. …

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Flight Uke Tip: Strings (Part 1)

Some ukulele players obsess about strings, while others don’t give them much thought. String choice has a big impact on the sound of your instrument. There are many brands and types of ukulele strings, which are made around the world. The place to begin a discussion about strings is to discuss the strings that came …

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Questions about a Ukulele Program/Unit

This question recently popped up on a Facebook forum from Nadia Armsworth. I asked if I could respond at greater length on my blog, and was given permission to do so. Facebook threads are just not a great way to answer longer questions, and I wanted to make my responses available to anyone that is …

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