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The Hug Strap

Melissa, owner of The Hug Strap, just released a video talking about her product. Early in my playing days, I didn’t want to drill into my ukuleles. I think that’s a phase that many of us go through…and eventually, if you use straps, you start drilling. One of the things I loved about the Hug …

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Ukulele Rule #2: No more than $75 for your first ukulele

This may not be a very popular rule, but in general, I don’t think you should spend more than $75 (US) on your first ukulele. If you have been borrowing someone else’s ukulele this rule does not apply to you; and if you played ukulele some years ago and want to come back to it, …

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Ukulele Rule #1: 30 Day Waiting Period

I have been thinking a lot about “rules” when it comes to the ukulele, and while there are no “official” rules, I think there are some guidelines that make it easier to play ukulele. I’m going to be sharing these from time to time…generally as I realize that I have tripped upon a new rule. …

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Flight Uke Tip: Strings (Part 1)

Some ukulele players obsess about strings, while others don’t give them much thought. String choice has a big impact on the sound of your instrument. There are many brands and types of ukulele strings, which are made around the world. The place to begin a discussion about strings is to discuss the strings that came …

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Questions about a Ukulele Program/Unit

This question recently popped up on a Facebook forum from Nadia Armsworth. I asked if I could respond at greater length on my blog, and was given permission to do so. Facebook threads are just not a great way to answer longer questions, and I wanted to make my responses available to anyone that is …

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Illinois Music Education Conference 2020

I had the privilege to present a couple of sessions at the Illinois Music Education Conference on Friday, one of them a ukulele session. I’d like to thank the ILMEA for making it very affordable for presenters (they offered a $50 rate for the convention). Conventions “headliners” are paid for their work–however, most presenters (unless …

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Enya Nova AcousticPlus Travel Ukulele

My reviews and resources for the Enya Nova AcousticPlus Travel Ukulele are out now!

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Michigan Music Conference Session Notes

Thank you to everyone who attended the sessions I presented at the 2020 (Hawaiian D7) Michigan Music Conference! I wanted to make sure the session notes were available here as well:

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Flight Uke Tips: Humidity and Ukuleles

I have started a continuing series of Ukulele Tips for Flight Ukuleles. This article appeared in their social media on January 14, 2020.  The tips are meant to fit in a single Instagram Post. Many thanks to Flight Ukulele for making this possible. The photo is from the Oasis website. Show care for your ukulele by …

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