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Christmas Intermediate Chord Melodies

This evening, I have put the final touches on a set of 15 intermediate chord melodies for Christmas (all songs in the public domain) that are available through my Buy Me a Coffee Page (direct link:  The price for the collection, which includes quite a bit of features is $6 US (Two “cups of …

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Happy July 4th!

I have a lot of July 4th related items for you today! Interested in a play along of the Star Spangled Banner? I couldn’t believe it, but we didn’t have one yet! Here are several versions…GCEA in C, DGBE in A and C, Chord Names and Lyrics in C, and a Tutorial Video. The accompaniment …

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TAB for “Señorita”

Here is the TAB for the introduction of “Señorita” for both GCEA (Soprano, Concert, and Tenor) and DGBE (Baritone):

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Freight Train for Four Ukuleles

Our local ukulele group has an advanced group that meets every other Wednesday to work on things other than strumming and singing. They have been working on some four part “ukulele orchestra” arrangements, and while Freight Train, by Elizabeth Cotton, is a pretty accessible song, the version they were using had some chords that the …

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I’ve Been Working on the Railroad

My students at this point of the year have learned 6 chords.  Yes, if you study ukulele independently, you can probably learn all 6 in one 30 minute session.  I’m dealing with a number of students who didn’t choose the instrument (usually there is a correlation between those that don’t want to sing and those …

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