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Summer 2022 Update

Hello! Thanks for taking a moment to stop by the blog/website. As usual, many thanks to WordPress for making this resource free, though I do pay for the custom URL of I haven’t posted a lot of videos or content in the past months, mainly because I have been working on my health. Over …

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Christmas Intermediate Chord Melodies

This evening, I have put the final touches on a set of 15 intermediate chord melodies for Christmas (all songs in the public domain) that are available through my Buy Me a Coffee Page (direct link:  The price for the collection, which includes quite a bit of features is $6 US (Two “cups of …

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WAAAAAAY Too Much Talking

I just had a comment on one of my reviews (which I deleted) which said, “Waaaay too much talking.” All I have to say is that I want my reviews to be thorough, and that I did some research before settling on the UkeGuide format. Some people just wanted to hear the ukulele and wanted …

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A Modification for Future UkeGuide Ratings

I recorded a review the other day, and I have decided to change a policy about the reviews. I don’t think it is earth-shattering by any means, but I have decided that if an instrument doesn’t have side position markers, from this point forward, the highest rating it will receive is a 3.5/5. This is …

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December Update

Happy December! There have been a few things going on, so I thought I would post a December Update for the channels! 1) Another ukulele podcaster recently started using “Buy Me a Coffee,” and in looking at the service, I like it far more than Patreon. Like a video? Buy me a coffee to say, …

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At The 2019 Wisconsin Music Education Conference

Hello! I will have two sessions at the Wisconsin Music Conference this week! The first session is “A Ukulele Methodology for the 21st Century” at 8:45am on Thursday Morning, in Rooms M/N/Q/R/L/P Monona Terrace The second session is “Going Beyond the First Five Chords” at 10am on Friday Morning, also in Rooms M/N/Q/R/L/P Monona Terrace …

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August 2019 Update

Hello, everyone! Just a short written update: 1) The main YouTube channel just passed 32,000 subscribers and 11,000,000 views. Thank you for your support! 2) Some companies (particularly WMG – Warner Music Group) have started to block some of the play alongs (e.g. Florida Georgia Line, Panic! at the Disco). This is out of my …

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YouTube Channel News

I have been working on a second logo for my ukulele work (see above), and decided to upload it to teespring to purchase a t-shirt of it. I decided that I would try to put the shirt on my YouTube page, as I have been seeing others do so. To my surprise, you have to …

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Some updates…(1/1/2019)

A new episode (#12) of the Ukulele Video Play Along Podcast has been uploaded (find it on YouTube, Apple Podcasts, or Google Play). I also updated the song lists today here on the blog.  This represents all songs created as of 1/1/2019, including Holiday Play Alongs (I don’t imagine there will be any additions to …

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