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Ukulele Give Away on Steve’s Strings!

My friend, Steve, is holding a ukulele give away with Mechanics of Music on his YouTube Channel, Steve’s Strings. I also hope to review their instrument and lesson package someday on my all-content ukulele channel, If you want to learn more about the give away, visit Steve’s video at:

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A Bad Review Experience, Resulting in a Policy Change

I am willing to review any ukulele, from any company. While most of the ukuleles I see are likely made in the same three or four factories in China, I don’t know where any of them come from, and it is fun to see how the small details make differences in the playability and sound …

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A Modification for Future UkeGuide Ratings

I recorded a review the other day, and I have decided to change a policy about the reviews. I don’t think it is earth-shattering by any means, but I have decided that if an instrument doesn’t have side position markers, from this point forward, the highest rating it will receive is a 3.5/5. This is …

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The Danger of a Disgruntled Customer

I just read a post on a social media platform, in a pretty large “community,” where a disgruntled customer has posted several very angry comments about a recent purchase (or lack thereof) of a ukulele. The person bought a ukulele during Amazon Prime Day, apparently within a half hour of the end of the timed …

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Billie Eilish Ukulele from Fender

This isn’t a review of the new Billie Eilish ukulele from Fender: this is simply a reaction to the ukulele. I’m always open to review one, but I’m probably not going to spend $299 to review one. Here’s the new ukulele: I totally agree with Billie’s take on the ukulele, and I’m happy that her …

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Not a fan…

This notice from Kala came into my inbox the other day. It’s part of Kala’s new rewards structure from buying directly from them rather than through a store. It doesn’t sit quite right with me, as Kala “made it” in the ukulele world through its connections with local dealers. There was a point that I …

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Wear on the Enya Nova

Someone posted this image of an Enya Nova today. I love the Enya Nova–I think it is a great product. At the same time, I have seen a few pictures like the one above, where there is significant wear on the polycarbonate frets. The ukulele world often reacts to images like this with panic and …

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The Story of the Lava U

At the 2020 NAMM Winter Convention, a new ukulele captured the attention of the ukulele word—the Lava U.  The Lava U is a modern-looking ukulele, closest in shape to a pineapple ukulele or like a small dreadnought ukulele.  It is injection molded, made of a mixture of polycarbonate and carbon fiber, and formed with a …

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Questions about a Ukulele Program/Unit

This question recently popped up on a Facebook forum from Nadia Armsworth. I asked if I could respond at greater length on my blog, and was given permission to do so. Facebook threads are just not a great way to answer longer questions, and I wanted to make my responses available to anyone that is …

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