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Talking About Ukuleles on the Music Ed Tech Talk Podcast!

Earlier this summer, my friend Robby Burns asked me to join him on his podcast to discuss ukuleles, as his middle school just bought a set of the instruments to use in their general music classes. You can find resources and the episode here:

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The Peripole Classic Ukulele by Enya

This evening, I received news that Peripole, Inc., a specialist with gear for elementary music education classrooms (or anyone else) has an exclusive model with Enya Music, a company that I like very much, and every one of its models sits at the high end of my ratings scale (use the search feature at …

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The UkeBuddy (Ukulele Buddy) by ChordBuddy

About a month ago, Daniel Hulbert at Circuits and Strings (website and YouTube channel) posted about the UkeBuddy, a new product by Chord Buddy. ChordBuddy is a guitar learning product that helps you play chords through a device that you connect to the neck of the guitar, but over time, you remove parts of the …

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At The 2019 Wisconsin Music Education Conference

Hello! I will have two sessions at the Wisconsin Music Conference this week! The first session is “A Ukulele Methodology for the 21st Century” at 8:45am on Thursday Morning, in Rooms M/N/Q/R/L/P Monona Terrace The second session is “Going Beyond the First Five Chords” at 10am on Friday Morning, also in Rooms M/N/Q/R/L/P Monona Terrace …

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Need New Ukuleles for Next Year?

A friend of mine recently found out that their school moved them from a high school position to an elementary position (quite a shock!) and has decided to incorporate ukulele into their elementary instruction. I have been asked what ukuleles to recommend…and I wanted to share my thoughts on the blog. I am now over …

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Videos: The Year In Review

I just looked through my YouTube channel, and it has been a busy year.  I attempted my first two lyric based play along videos shortly after meeting Dr. A at the Maryland Music Educators Association Conference. While I had other videos throughout the year, my main focus was to add to the library of songs …

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The Goals of Music Education

One of the reasons that I fell in love with the ukulele is that I saw groups of people getting together to sing and play (ukulele jams).  Many of these players were not musicians earlier in their lives.  Admittedly, most of these groups (in the United States) are made up of retired people, as they …

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A Good…and Bad…TED Talk Involving Ukulele

  For some reason, this TED talk came to my attention today.  It is by Josh Kaufman, and it talks about learning anything, and how any basic skill can be learned with about 20 hours of practice (unlike the 10,000 hours that are required for mastery).  He learned the ukulele to prove his point. If …

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What Chords Should You Learn?

I just wrapped up a mini-project that will continue…tracking the repertoire available for ukulele in the Dr. Jill Reese style of ukulele play along videos. I just re-worked the list to reflect the actual videos that are available, as well as to show an abbreviated listing of the chords needed in each arrangement. At the …

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