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Interviewed by Kalani Das

At the end of last year, Kalani Das interviewed me for his new Ukulele Club resource, both on YouTube and Patreon. We had a number of technical difficulties with the recording, so we recorded again earlier this summer. I forgot to post about the interview, so I thought I would post about it now…we recorded …

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Illinois Music Education Conference 2020

I had the privilege to present a couple of sessions at the Illinois Music Education Conference on Friday, one of them a ukulele session. I’d like to thank the ILMEA for making it very affordable for presenters (they offered a $50 rate for the convention). Conventions “headliners” are paid for their work–however, most presenters (unless …

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The Fret Zealot for Ukulele

I have been in touch with Fret Zealot (the company) for some time. The Fret Zealot is a device that you can put on a guitar–and now a ukulele–to learn how to play the instrument. We decided to wait for a review until the product was released for ukulele. Originally I was hoping to simply …

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At The 2019 Wisconsin Music Education Conference

Hello! I will have two sessions at the Wisconsin Music Conference this week! The first session is “A Ukulele Methodology for the 21st Century” at 8:45am on Thursday Morning, in Rooms M/N/Q/R/L/P Monona Terrace The second session is “Going Beyond the First Five Chords” at 10am on Friday Morning, also in Rooms M/N/Q/R/L/P Monona Terrace …

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The Rainbow Ukulele Method…A Review

If you are a music educator, and you are considering integrating ukulele into your instruction, you have some decisions to make as it comes to curriculum. Specifically, do you want to teach ukulele as a solo instrument, or as an accompaniment to singing?  In my own teaching, as the subject is “choir” and ukulele is …

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Frequency of Chord Use

At the moment, my master list of Ukulele Video Play Alongs is a catalog of 718 songs, not counting the baritone ukulele videos I have been making since this summer. My personal approach is to teach ukulele as an accompaniment, as most players use the instrument in this way, and I have ukulele embedded into …

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Ukulele Bingo (Ukego)

This Friday, we have a mandatory PBIS celebration day where students are going to listen to a guest speaker and then the rest of the day is a shortened schedule set aside for relationship building—no school work allowed.  As a “encore” teacher on an A/B schedule, the only negative is that we only spend this …

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Videos: The Year In Review

I just looked through my YouTube channel, and it has been a busy year.  I attempted my first two lyric based play along videos shortly after meeting Dr. A at the Maryland Music Educators Association Conference. While I had other videos throughout the year, my main focus was to add to the library of songs …

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What do you give a ukulele player for Christmas?

I thought it would be good to write about what I was given this Christmas in terms of my ukulele playing.  I keep an Amazon list of things I want to buy eventually—and it turns out that is a public list.  My parents decided that I didn’t have enough on my family’s Christmas Wish List, …

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