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Enya KUC-20 Review

If you want to buy a ukulele, where do you start? Most buyers will just go to Amazon, look up “ukulele” and buy the cheapest option they can find. They might read the reviews on Amazon–which may not be accurate. I’ll be honest–my first ukulele was purchased in much the same way. I had done …

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Ammoon 21″ Electric Ukulele

While I was at TMEA in February, I had the chance to see Kris Gilbert’s J&D Electric Ukulele, and this created a need (in my mind) to buy an electric ukulele. I actually have a few ukuleles with a pickup installed, but what I was interested in was a ukulele that would be very, very …

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Carlo Robelli UKB 325 Acoustic-Electric Ukulele Bass

I have been intrigued by ukulele basses for quite some time. Before I began playing ukulele, my wife and I attended a wedding of one of her friends, and the band featured a ukulele bass. I had never seen such an instrument, and I remember being fascinated by an instrument that sounded like an upright/double …

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Sawtooth STUKEMPS Mahogany Pineapple Soprano Ukulele Review

I have had the pleasure to get to know a number of ukulele players in the Twin Cities area (Minnesota), and one of my ukulele friends contacted me on Ukulele Underground to let me know that there was a ukulele at that I might be interested in buying. Don’t get me wrong–I love my …

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Five Below $5 Ukulele: It could have been a player

My five year old son has a Christmas party coming up in the next weeks where he has to exchange a gift valued under $3. While we don’t want to be spend $20 on an exchange gift, you can buy very little for $3 these days that isn’t food (in some places, a bottle of …

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What Do You Do With a Popu!e!e? (Populele Review)

Some time ago, I read about a high-tech ukulele, the Populele, which was a Kickstarter.  I saw articles on The Verge (link) and even from John Atkins, “The Ukulele Teacher” (YouTube link).  It was originally sold via a very successful Indiegogo campaign, and is now for sale directly on the Popband website.  While the instrument had …

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Kmise Concert Ukulele

I purchased the Kmise 23 Inch Concert Ukulele for my wife, as she might be interested in learning some more ukulele with me.  It is an inexpensive ukulele and might be a good starter ukulele for some players. The Kmise is a standard double bout ukulele with a traditional string length of 15”, and the …

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Former Ukuleles: Pono RTSH (C) PC

I bought my Pono in 2016 from a ukulele company that was going out of business.  The owners were a married couple, and the husband was very sick, so they decided to sell their business.  They decided to sell of their remaining ukuleles at slightly higher than cost…and I did the foolish thing and asked …

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Outdoor Ukulele Rawhide Tenor

One my earlier ukulele purchases was an Outdoor Ukulele.  I came across the brand on the internet, and it was a fascinating instrument.  Specifically, I know I watched videos by Pete McCarty on YouTube as well as by  The Outdoor Ukulele represented the ability to take an instrument into almost any circumstance without worrying …

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