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Carlo Robelli UKB 325 Acoustic-Electric Ukulele Bass

I have been intrigued by ukulele basses for quite some time. Before I began playing ukulele, my wife and I attended a wedding of one of her friends, and the band featured a ukulele bass. I had never seen such an instrument, and I remember being fascinated by an instrument that sounded like an upright/double …

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Sawtooth STUKEMPS Mahogany Pineapple Soprano Ukulele Review

I have had the pleasure to get to know a number of ukulele players in the Twin Cities area (Minnesota), and one of my ukulele friends contacted me on Ukulele Underground to let me know that there was a ukulele at that I might be interested in buying. Don’t get me wrong–I love my …

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Five Below $5 Ukulele: It could have been a player

My five year old son has a Christmas party coming up in the next weeks where he has to exchange a gift valued under $3. While we don’t want to be spend $20 on an exchange gift, you can buy very little for $3 these days that isn’t food (in some places, a bottle of …

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What Do You Do With a Popu!e!e? (Populele Review)

Some time ago, I read about a high-tech ukulele, the Populele, which was a Kickstarter.  I saw articles on The Verge (link) and even from John Atkins, “The Ukulele Teacher” (YouTube link).  It was originally sold via a very successful Indiegogo campaign, and is now for sale directly on the Popband website.  While the instrument had …

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Kmise Concert Ukulele

I purchased the Kmise 23 Inch Concert Ukulele for my wife, as she might be interested in learning some more ukulele with me.  It is an inexpensive ukulele and might be a good starter ukulele for some players. The Kmise is a standard double bout ukulele with a traditional string length of 15”, and the …

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Former Ukuleles: Pono RTSH (C) PC

I bought my Pono in 2016 from a ukulele company that was going out of business.  The owners were a married couple, and the husband was very sick, so they decided to sell their business.  They decided to sell of their remaining ukuleles at slightly higher than cost…and I did the foolish thing and asked …

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Outdoor Ukulele Rawhide Tenor

One my earlier ukulele purchases was an Outdoor Ukulele.  I came across the brand on the internet, and it was a fascinating instrument.  Specifically, I know I watched videos by Pete McCarty on YouTube as well as by  The Outdoor Ukulele represented the ability to take an instrument into almost any circumstance without worrying …

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Guitar Guitare Toy Ukulele

Today I was surprised by a student who came up to me and gave me a toy ukulele.  He had found it at local store called the Dollar Tree (everything costs $1) and wanted to get it for me.  It was an incredibly kind gesture on what turned out to be yet another challenging day. …

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Bruce Wei Acacia Concert Ukulele

This summer, there was a thread in Ukulele Underground about Bruce Wei, a luthier in Vietnam.  The thread questioned whether Bruce Wei would be making ukuleles much longer.  I had seen many posts and watched a lot of videos about Bruce Wei ukuleles, as they are custom made ukuleles in a small shop (even if …

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