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“The Best”

I saw a YouTube video the other day, and it featured the “Best Ukulele under $___.” I’ve seen many such videos over the last few years–and I just can’t find myself committed to a “best” ukulele. I have brands that I like, and brands that I prefer. I also have brands that I avoid, either …

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Happy Birthday (Maybe)?

I’m using Noteflight to arrange some music (just for fun) and they have an embed option. I wanted to see if I can get that to work in WordPress. If so, you’ll see it below. If not…I’ll provide a link (click for score in Noteflight).

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Enya Nova AcousticPlus Travel Ukulele

My reviews and resources for the Enya Nova AcousticPlus Travel Ukulele are out now!

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November YouTube Update

I’m posting these updates on my YouTube channel, and then later deleting them. I am going to keep posting them here on, so that there can be a record of those posts. Unbelievably, we’re in the middle of November already. My production of videos has been slowed down by two things. First, I am …

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A Ukulele Shopping List for Schools, 2019

I follow a number of ukulele forums or groups, and every few weeks there is a question from someone that says something to this effect: “I am writing a grant for ukuleles and I need to know what to ask for.” Or, “I have been given permission to buy ukuleles. What do I do?” Then …

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October (2019) Update

Happy October, everyone! As I write this post, the main YouTube channel ( is approaching 35,000 subscribers! Thank you very much for your support and thank you for watching videos on my YouTube channels. I continue to have two goals with this work channel–beyond providing resources for ukulele players and music educators. The first is …

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See you in LA!

Hello everyone! Tomorrow morning I’m flying to (and from) LA to attend the Los Angeles International Ukulele Festival. I’ll be wearing a dark blue UkeStuff shirt, and I will have some UkeStuff buttons and stickers with me! If you see me, please say hello! I’m also excited to travel with my friend Ukester Brown, who …

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NAMM 2019: Best or Show

Ukuleles were mentioned a couple of times at this morning’s Best of Show breakfast at NAMM 2019. Most of those mentions came from DeDe Heidi, owner of Hide music in Appleton Wisconsin, which is also where Katie Denure (One Music School on YouTube) works as a music teacher. The item that was mentioned as a …

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On the road again (to Nashville, Tennessee)

A couple of weeks ago, I heard that Summer NAMM was open to the general public on Saturday, July 20th. That’s this coming Saturday. My boys are currently at my parent’s house for a week, and I would have to go and get them one way or another, so I am leaving “early” to get …

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