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For Ukulele Companies

If you are a ukulele company and are interested supporting my work at UkeStuff, or in having a review of one of your instruments, I thought it would be helpful if I offered some thoughts.

First, I don’t work (salary-based) for any ukulele company. I have communicated and worked with a number of brands in the past, and will continue to do so in the future. I am a person that likes ukuleles, much in the way that I like motorcycles. I do have preferences, but I like them all. As with my work with technology in music education, I keep my communications with companies private, unless I ask for information that is to be shared on the blog or on my YouTube channel(s). I consider all communication to be under an unsigned Non-Disclosure Agreement. If you contact me with the intent for me to share something, please make it clear that it is a press release or something that you want communicated.

Second, I do want to make it clear that I would love to work for a ukulele company in the area of education. I have sent my Vita to Kala and Ohana several times over the past years, asking to be considered in a role for an educational specialist, who would streamline educational efforts in all regards, including products for education and educational materials produced by the company. As you can see, I’m not employed by either company, so that tells you how that went. 😄 I’m not actively looking to leave my role as a public educator, but this would be a dream job that doesn’t yet exist. I think there is a lot of potential for a company who puts a direct effort in providing ukuleles and trainings (online, music conferences, and in-district) in K-12 education, potentially resulting in brand loyalty for life. Performance-based relationships are great, but most of the educational efforts of companies could be greatly improved with someone with a pedagogical mindset.

Third, you can send me ukuleles to review, but I have to make some things clear. First, I’m not a mean person by nature. One company sent me a ukulele to review, and it was so bad that I made a video FOR that company (not for the public) and wouldn’t publish a review online. That said, I have to be free to offer my opinions of a ukulele, honestly, and to let watchers/readers know that I was sent the ukulele for review. While it is quite lovely to get a free ukulele every now and then, I truthfully have too many already (and I’m not done). So what I would love to do is to work with some companies to get a ukulele for review, and then to be able to ship it to another reviewer, or to ship it to a shop where it can be sold. Also, I am open to revising a written review if I make an error in a review, and I am also open to posting a follow-up video or review if a product is improved or re-released.

Fourth, I am really quite pleased with my approach of the UkeGuide, a way to look at a ukulele both subjectively and objectively in a condensed format (see the UkeGuide page at the top of this page). I hope you would like to get some of your instruments on this growing page. Most of these are instruments that I bought myself, but that doesn’t need to be the case.

Fifth, I’m open to hosting a ukulele giveaway someday, but I want that to happen at high points on the natural growth of my channels, rather than to try to get subscribers only looking for a free ukulele.

And finally, if you want to support the work here at UkeStuff, you could consider making a contribution (even monthly) via I’d be more than happy to list sponsors on my blog and videos (I’d have to think about what that would look like). If you have any interest in any of these things, please reach out to me at ukulele10r @ g m a i (just remove the spaces, which helps reduce spam).

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