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Want a Ukulele Reviewed?

If you are a ukulele company and would like me to review your instruments, there are some things I’d like you to know.

First, I do work part-time for Flight Ukulele as a technical writer and as an educational consultant. Flight has not placed any conditions on what I write or say. Additionally, I do act as a clinician for Peripole, a music education specialist company. Peripole carries Diamond Head, Enya, Luna, and KoAloha products.

Second, I consider discussions with companies to be private, unless I am asked to share information on the blog. If you contact me with the intent for me to share something, please make it clear that it is a press release or something that you want communicated.

Third, I do contact companies and ask to review their instruments. I do communicate when a ukulele has been sent for review and when I buy them for review.

Fourth, I think I offer good value for a company in terms of a review; I use the ukulele for at least two (2) videos, including a one-minute review, a full UkeGuide review (as well as a matching ukeGuide on this blog), and as a part of a tutorial. I may even use the ukulele in additional videos.

Fifth, I’m not a mean person…I try to be kind in all that I do. The only time I get irritated about a product (and will say so) is when a company makes a misleading claim–particularly with beginner instruments.

Sixth, I like to look at all ukuleles, from beginner to pro levels. I do like reviewing beginner ukuleles because my students are always looking for recommendations.

Seventh, I do not not charge anything to a company to create a review. If you send me a ukulele to review and either pay for return postage or let me keep it, that is enough for me.

And finally, if you want to support the work here at UkeStuff, you could consider making a contribution via I’d be more than happy to list sponsors on my blog and videos (I’d have to think about what that would look like). If you have any interest in any of these things, please reach out to me at ukulele10r @ g m a i (just remove the spaces, which helps reduce spam).

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