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My Ukuleles

I have become a ukulele collector. My goal is to record a (review) video with all of my current ukuleles, and then to move ukuleles that I sell or give away to sub category of “former ukuleles” I will organize ukuleles by make, size, and then materials. If the item is highlighted, there is a video review of that instrument.

Current Count: 83

  1. Aiersi Concert Solid Top Mahogany SU-24TB [Martin 600 Strings]
  2. Aiersi Jazz Tenor Ukulele
  3. Aiersi Soprano Pineapple
  4. Aklot Acacia Concert Ukulele [D’Addario Titanium Strings]
  5. Aklot Bamboo Concert [Ukelogic Clear Strings]
  6. Aklot Solid Top Mahogany Eight String Tenor Ukulele
  7. Ammoon Soprano Electric Ukulele [Martin M600 Strings]
  8. Ashbury Soprano Lonely Traveler Ukulele [Martin M600 Strings]
  9. Baoli Concert Ukulele
  10. Baton Rouge 8-String Tenor V2 T8 Laminate [Jumping Cow Strings]
  11. Bonanza Tenor Amoeba Aspen & Black Walnut [Martin M620 Strings]
  12. Bruce Wei Concert F-Hole Model [Martin M600 Strings]
  13. Caramel Sopranissimo Zebrawood Laminate [Martin M600 Strings]
  14. Carlo Robelli Bass UKB 325 Laminate [Thunderblack Strings]
  15. Cigar Box Concert (made by me) from Lunatic Gigar Box (Laminate) [Martin M600 Strings]
  16. Cocobolo Concert
  17. Cordoba Protégé Soprano U1MS
  18. EleUke Concert Electric Peanut [Martin M600 Strings]
  19. Enya Soprano EUR-X1 HPL Camp Ukulele [Martin M600 Strings]
  20. Enya Nova Concert Ukulele [Enya fluorocarbon strings]
  21. Enya Nova Concert Ukulele “Frankenenya” [Enya fluorocarbon strings]
  22. Enya Nova AcousticPlus Concert Ukulele [Enya fluorocarbon strings]
  23. Enya HPL Smart Mahogany Concert Ukulele [Enya fluorocarbon strings]
  24. Epiphone Les Paul Concert Ukulele
  25. Flight Diana Soundwave Concert Ukulele [Worth Brown Strings]
  26. Flight NUB310 Baritone Ukulele
  27. Flight Soprano TUS-35 Light Blue Wood & Laminate [Martin M600 Strings]
  28. Flight Long Neck Soprano TUSL-35 [Worth Clear Strings]
  29. Flight Spirit Concert Ukulele [D’Addario Platinum]
  30. Glarry UC205 Soprano
  31. Hola! Music HM-124 MG+ Concert Ukulele
  32. Horse Laminate Mahogany Concert Ukulele
  33. Horse Laminate Sapele Concert Ukulele
  34. Hricane HKS-2 Concert Ukulele
  35. Hricane Flame Maple Concert Ukulele
  36. Hricane Travel Tenor UKSW-02
  37. Irin Concert Ukulele
  38. Irin Mini-20 Sopranissimo Ukulele
  39. Kala Concert Banjolele [Aquila Nylgut Strings]
  40. Kala Learn to Play Soprano Ukulele (Waterman)
  41. Kala KA-15S Soprano Ukulele
  42. Kala Ukadelic Soprano Stars & Stripes Wood & Laminate [Martin M600 Strings]
  43. Kala Pocket Uke Spruce & Laminate [Fremont Hard Black Soprano Strings]
  44. Kala Tenor Travel Ukulele SSTU-T Spruce & Laminate [Martin M620 Strings]
  45. Kmise Concert Hibiscus & Fairies Laminate [Martin M600 Strings]
  46. Kmise Plastic Soprano [Martin M600 Strings]
  47. Koa Kalane Long Neck Soprano Ukulele [Worth Clear Strings, Medium]
  48. KoAlana Soprano [Martin M600 Strings]
  49. KoAloha Concert (2004) [Martin M600 Strings]
  50. KoAloha Opio Long Neck Soprano Ukulele [Worth Clear Strings, Medium]
  51. KoAloha Opio Tenor Sapele [KoAloha Strings, Low G]
  52. KoAloha Opio Concert Acacia (2016) [KoAloha Strings, Low G]
  53. KoAloha Opio Concert Spruce & Acacia (2016) [Worth Brown Strings, High G]
  54. Lanikai Soprano LU-21 Laminate [Martin M600 Strings]
  55. Lanikai Concert LU21-CE/BK Gloss Black [Martin M600 String]
  56. Lanikai Tenor UkeSB Spruce & Koa [Martin M600 Strings]
  57. Lava U Concert Ukulele
  58. Luna Ziricote Concert Ukulele
  59. Lunatic Self-Built Concert Cigar Box Ukulele [Martin M600 strings]
  60. Maccaferri Islander Soprano [Aquila Nylgut Strings]
  61. Mainland Baritone Cedar & Redwood [Living Waters Low D Strings]
  62. Magic Fluke Concert Fluke [Worth Clear Strings]
  63. Mahalo Soprano MK1TBS [Martin M600 Strings]
  64. Makala MK-CE Concert Electric (Laminate) [Martin M600 Strings]
  65. Makala Soprano Dolphin Yellow [Martin M600 Strings]
  66. Magic Fluke Concert Ukulele
  67. Martin Soprano S1 Mahogany [Martin M600 Strings]
  68. Northern JDC-2 Ukulele
  69. Ohana Shakerlele Mahogany & Spruce [No Strings]
  70. Ohana Sopranissimo TTPK-256 Pineapple [Fremont Hard Black Soprano Strings]
  71. Ohana Taropatch CK-70-8 Spruce & Laminate [Worth Clear Strings]
  72. Orca Tenor Prototype Carbon Fiber [Martin M620 Strings]
  73. Ortega Hyrda Ukulele [Living Waters Strings]
  74. Outdoor Ukulele Soprano Generation 1 Black [Martin M600 Strings]
  75. Outdoor Ukulele Soprano Generation 2 Bottle Brown [Martin M600 Strings]
  76. Outdoor Ukulele Tenor Moonshine [Aquila Sugar Strings]
  77. Peripole Classic Tenor Ukulele by Enya [Enya Fluorocarbon Strings]
  78. Panda Watetcolor Soprano Ukulele
  79. Populele Concert [Martin M600 Strings]
  80. Populele Concert [Aquila KIDS Strings]
  81. Ranch Concert Ukulele [Marin M600 Strings]
  82. Rise by Sawtooth Soprano Ukulele
  83. Sawtooth Soprano Pineapple STUMPS Laminate [Martin M600 Strings]
  84. Smiger ARS-30-C Gloss Laminate Ziricote Concert Ukulele [D’Addario Titanium Strings]
  85. Vorson Plastic Concert Ukulele

Former Ukuleles

  • Aklot Bamboo Tenor [Worth Clear Strings] (sold)
  • Aklot Concert AKC-23 (gifted)
  • Cordoba Concert 15-CM Laminate (gifted)
  • Enya Tenor KUT-20 Laminate (x2) (gifted)
  • Irin Plastic Soprano Ukulele (gifted)
  • Kala KA-15S Soprano Ukulele (gifted)
  • Kala KA-PWT Tenor Ukulele (gifted)
  • Lanikai Baritone LU-21B Laminate (sold)
  • Lanikai Soprano LU-11 Laminate (gifted)
  • Makala Soprano Dolphin Orange [Martin M600 Strings] (gifted)
  • Makala Soprano Dolphin Red [Martin M600 Strings] (x2) (gifted)
  • Pono Tenor Pono RTSH (C) PC Cedar & Rosewood (sold)
  • Romero Creations XS Soprano Spruce/Laminate (sold)
  • Vangoa UK-23 Ukulele (on loan)

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