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Ukulele Education Resources

Ukestuff Education Resources

There are millions of ukulele websites on the Internet.  This page is a quick summary of some of the best resources for the ukulele.  The Amazon and iTunes links are referral links.

Education Websites:

“General” Ukulele Websites:

Ukulele Chord Charts (and sometimes tabs):

YouTube Channels:

*Know other channels that should be here?  Send me an e-mail!

Great Accessories:

Some Books:

These are Amazon or iBook referral links (if you purchase a portion of Apple’s or Amazon’s profits–not the author/publisher–comes back to this site.

  • The Complete What Ukulele Players Want to Know (Barry Maz) Amazon iBooks
  • Uke Can Do It (Philip Tamberino) Amazon iBooks
  • Uke Can Do It 2 Method Book (Philp Tamberino) Amazon
  • Ukulele for Music Teachers (Robin Giebelhausen) iBooks
  • The Daily Ukulele Songbook (Jim Beloff) Amazon iBooks
  • Ukulele Tips ‘n’ Tunes (Jim Beloff) Amazon

Some Ukulele Apps and Programs

An Awesome Typograph

The “Big” Dealers:

These dealers are known for inventory, excellent customer service, and “setting up” ukuleles before the sale.  Listed alphabetically.   Your local dealer might be good, too–these companies are the superstars in the ukulele world.

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