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Ukulele Music (Lead Sheets)

ukulele music

These songs are all in the public domain.   Donations at BuyMeaCoffee are always appreciated (link on right side of page).  Need something in a different key or have a request for a song in the public domain?  Send me an e-mail and we’ll see if we can make it happen!

Songs with Video Demonstrations

Song TitleYouTube Demo Video
The Bear Went Over the Mountain
Caro mio ben
Scarborough Fair

Songs by Title

See Index below for more information about key, number of chords, level of difficulty, and genre

Two Part Vocal Arrangements with Ukulele

Songs by Title

Song TitleKey# of ChordsDifficultyGenre
Alma Del CoreF10DifficultClassical
Amazing GraceG4EasyReligious/Folk
Auld Lang SyneG7EasyHoliday
The Bear Went Over the MountainC3Easy Folk
The Cat Came BackAm4EasyKids/Folk
Caro Mio BenC7ModerateClassical
Deck the HallF7ModerateHoliday
I Ride an Old PaintC3EasyFolk
I’ve Been Working on the RailroadG3EasyFolk
Jingle BellsG5EasyHoliday
Jolly Old St. NicholasG5EasyHoliday
Lascia Ch’io PiangaC11DifficultClassical
Laudate DominumC9DifficultClassical
My Jesus, I Love TheeC4EasyReligious
Ombra Mai FuC13DifficultClassical
Ombra Mai FuF10DifficultClassical
The Other Day I Met a BearC3EasyFolk
Per la gloria d’adorarviF6ModerateClassical
Red River ValleyG3EasyFolk
Scarborough FairDm5EasyFolk
Star Spangled BannerC10DifficultPatriotic
Tu Lo SaiC10ModerateClassical
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little StarC3EasyFolk
Vittoria mio coreC11DifficultClassical
We Wish You a Merry ChristmasC9ModerateHoliday

About the Arrangements

You might wonder why I would make these arrangements when so many other arrangements are available in other forms, as well as why I would put them out on the Internet for free and ask for donations to the cause.

As for the first question, I like having the ability to create arrangements for my own use or the use of my students, and many times, existing arrangements don’t always fit my needs or the needs of my students.  Sometimes existing keys are too high or too low.  Sometimes I like different chords (such as the Em thrown into “Jingle Bells).  And furthermore, all of these songs are in the Public Domain.  You can use all of these songs without fear of Copyright infringement.

It is important for me, as a music educator, to continue the use of written notation.  I have nothing against chord charts or tablature, but I do recommend that tablature also include traditional notation (this is the default setting on the music notation program Notion for guitar and ukulele, incidentally).  Part of becoming literate with music notation is to see it and work with it.

My goal is for all of the music that my students study to have a similar appearance, and to limit the use of repeat signs, multiple endings, and D.S./D.C./Coda markings.  Adults in ukulele jam sessions get confused by these markings, so I want to make it easy for my students to follow the music, even if there are multiple pages.  I “get” that we need to teach students how to read these markings–but in reality, all of these markings hearken to a pre-digital world where those systems were created to save money, not for ease of use.  In the digital world, a score can simply use as many pages as needed.  In these arrangements, there are a few exceptions to my attempt to simplify the score, such as Deck the Hall (which repeats to the top).

As for the second question, this blog is a free resource.  If you wish to contribute to the work, please subscribe to my YouTube Channel ( and watch some videos! If you really want to contribute to my efforts, there is a link to BuyMeaCoffee on the side of this page.

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