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Ukulele Tabs by Valéry Sauvage

Valéry Sauvage is an artist, musician, and composer whose works have been freely shared for all to use.  He plays lute, guitar (Renaissance, baroque, and classical), and ukulele.  His ukulele YouTube channel can be found at:  I am converting some of his hand-written ukulele compositions to printed tablature, and those works appear here, with permission.  These works are free of charge, and should not be sold in any form.  If Valéry Sauvage has recorded the work, a YouTube link appears next to the song.

Original Works for GCEA Ukulele by Valéry Sauvage:

Original Works for Low G GCEA Ukulele by Valéry Sauvage:

GCEA Ukulele Arrangements by Valéry Sauvage:

Low G GCEA Ukulele Arrangements by Valéry Sauvage:

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