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I had originally created just a few videos, but that number has grown exponentially.  I am keeping track of all of the videos through spreadsheets, and updating “live” Google Sheet documents whenever possible.  Last update?  12/10/2017.  Currently there are 350 play along videos available in the lyric/follow-along  format.

Want to know how to better use some YouTube tools while using these videos?

Need to slow down/speed up on the iPad or iPhone?  Check out the app iCab Mobile (works with in the Modules area of the app)!

The Summary File of All Similar Ukulele Play Alongs on YouTube (Dr. Jill Reese, Dr. A, Kevin Way, Kris Gilbert, Ukulaliens, myself, etc.)

By Title: Viewable Google Sheet

By Number of Chords (then Key): Viewable Google Sheet

By Key (then Number of Chords): Viewable Google Sheet

Play Along Videos That I Have Created (Lyric and Notation-Based)

Viewable Google Sheet

The 365 Project (Play Along Videos, with me, as I record songs from The Daily Ukulele/Yellow Book)

365 Project Viewable Google Sheet



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